The Liberation of Northpoint [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 30

Text of the Quest:

The Liberation of Northpoint We found a way to sneak into the sealed city of Northpoint—a tunnel used by smugglers and black marketeers. Now we need to head inside and find a way to free the city from Lleraya Montclairs grasp. The smugglers tunnel is located in a cave beneath the lighthouse. Skordo suggests we enter the tunnel one at a time so as not to draw any suspicion.


Enter the Smugglers Tunnel

Skordothe Knife: So it's just us mortals from here on in? That's fine with me. I don't mind admitting that the idea of friendly vampires kind of creeps me out.
Hero: Gwendis said you have a plan?
Skordothe Knife: Northpoint was my home for the last few years, so I know the place pretty well. Never snuck in through a smuggler's tunnel, though. That's going to be a new experience. Just remember that we're part of House Montclair and things should go fine.
Hero: Maintain our disguise. Right. What else?
Skordothe Knife: We need to sneak in slowly, one at a time. Wandering around as a group would just be inviting trouble. The tunnel is supposed to lead through the lighthouse. We need to get inside and find a place we can use to get the lay of the land.
Hero: All right. Let's go enter the smuggler's tunnel.

Skordothe Knife: Go on. Go find the rest of our assault team. I'll have this place all cozy like in no time!
Hero: How will the others know where to gather?
Skordothe Knife: Because you're going to go back out there and let them know where we are. And see if you can figure out where Lleraya is hiding while you're at it.
Hero: I'll get the place settled and make sure we don't attract any unwanted visitors.
Skordothe Knife: Watch your arse out there. I mean, did you see all the vampires and bloodfiends? Well, you better hurry. We don't want to leave His Lordship and Her Ladyship alone out there too long. It isn't safe.

Countess Eselde Tamrith: Letting a noble woman wander alone through a city full of vampires and bloodfiends. What was Skordo thinking?
Hero: His plan needs a little work. But we did find a safe location. Chirane Manor, near the inn.
Countess Eselde Tamrith: Arkay guides our way, as usual. Are ... are they all like this? The people of Northpoint? Did Lleraya turn them all into ... these vile creatures?
Hero: I haven't found anyone who wasn't turned. At least not yet.
Countess Eselde Tamrith: May the Light watch over them, praise Arkay. I can't believe that sweet Lleraya would do something like this to our people. What could have driven her to such horrors?
Hero: I'll head to the manor and meet you there.
Baron Alard Dorell: I thought my son might be hiding here, in his office. But all I found was his journal. You might as well have a look.
Hero: Just tell me what it says.
Baron Alard Dorell: Ellic and I haven't always seen eye to eye, and he's made no effort to hide his feelings about me in his journal. He does mention the arrival of Lady Lleraya, though. I'll tell you more when we gather with the others. No reason to repeat myself.
Hero: We're using Baron Chirane's manor as a base. Skordo is there.
Baron Alard Dorell: Chirane Manor? I know it well. Nice to see we finally found a good use for that pompous ass. I'll meet you there. We'll discuss the contents of my son's journal when the entire team is together.

Skordothe Knife: The Baron was just filling us in on what was written in his son's journal. Spell or no, Ellic has a lotto answer for. If he's even still alive.
Hero: So now that we have a safe house and an assault team, what's next?
Skordothe Knife: First, we need to find out if anyone survived Lleraya's private party. The Countess heard noises coming from the inn. It's not much to go on, but at least it's a place to start looking.
Hero: What do you think we'll find in the inn? -Skordo the Knife- Part of me wants to find Lleraya in there. Then we can put a blade through her and be done with this business. But I really hope the townsfolk have crowded in there and barricaded the doors. Either way, we need to get in there and see.
Hero: Darien said the innkeeper gave him a key.
Skordothe Knife: So Darien accomplished something useful after all? Go upstairs and get that key! Funny thing. Darien was scratched and battered. Claimed the bloodfiends bit him. But the Countess didn't find a single bite mark on him. Guess he was mistaken.
Hero: What do you think we'll find in the inn?

Countess Eselde Tamrith: Darien can't talk right now. I gave him something to relieve his pain. And to quiet him down for a little while. The man does love the sound of his own voice.
Hero: What did you give him?
Countess Eselde Tamrith: The end of my staff, right to the side of his head. Best way to quickly quiet a delirious soldier. He was making enough noise to give away our presence, and I was in no mood to fight a horde of those creatures. D
Hero: id you find a key while you were bandaging him up?
Countess Eselde Tamrith: A key? Yes. He was holding onto it rather tightly. I had to pry it from his grip before I could tend to his injuries. Is it important? I
Hero: t's the key to the inn.
Countess Eselde Tamrith: Arkay provides, bless us all! I heard sounds coming from the inn as I made my way here. Now we can get inside and see what's in there. I hope it's the survivors of this terrible disaster. I'd hate to think that Lleraya turned or killed them all.

Blademaster Qariar: It's good to see Baron Alard again. He is like a brother to me. It's been weeks since we last saw each other. I only wish this reunion was under better circumstances.
Hero: What happened here?
Blademaster Qariar: When Lleraya sealed the city and began turning people into bloodfiends, I used my sword to cut a path to this inn and led as many as I could to safety. I was forced to kill friends who turned into monsters, but I was able to save some of our people.
Hero: How many survivors are up there?
Blademaster Qariar: Quite a few. And there are more hiding around the city. Protected by members of the Northpoint Guard. I gave the order myself as soon as I saw what Lleraya was doing. I just wish Lord Ellic had been able to resist her as well.
Hero: What is Lleraya doing in Northpoint?
Blademaster Qariar: It started innocently enough. She had Lord Ellic call a gathering at the square. Then she addressed the crowd, saying how the blessing of Montclair would soon be upon us. That we would join her. Love her. Then people started turning all around us.
Hero: How did she make them turn into bloodfiends?
Blademaster Qariar: A spell perhaps? I'm not really sure. She made some strange gestures and spoke a few arcane words. Then it was as if a wave of power flowed out of her. People immediately began turning into bloodfiends. But not everyone was affected by her blessing.
Hero: This needs to end. Where can I find Lleraya?
Blademaster Qariar: Lady Lleraya has taken Dorell Manor as her own. But I have a key. Take it. Save as many of our people as you can. And be aware that Lord Ellic is still with her. He was alive when I last saw him, but completely under Lleraya's influence.

Lord Ellic Dorell: Oh, I know you! You must be the one her beautiful ladyship has been expecting!
Hero: What's going on in here?
Lord Ellic Dorell: You're just in time for our grand celebration! We're celebrating the new and better life that will soon be ours! Lady Lleraya is going to honor us with her blessing, and then we will never die!
Hero: Lady Lleraya is a monster.
Lord Ellic Dorell: Careful, friend. That's the lovely Lady Lleraya you've just insulted. I'll forgive this first slight, but if you persist I will be forced to defend my lady's honor.
Hero: You're under some kind of spell.
Lord Ellic Dorell: Probably, but it's not what you think. We've freely accepted the will of the beautiful Lady Lleraya. She loves us and we're devoted to her every wish and whim.
Hero: Where's Lleraya?
Lord Ellic Dorell: My lady is upstairs. I'm sure she'd love to meet you. And when she tells you about her blessing, about the wonderful gifts she brings, I'm sure you'll fall in love with her. Just as I have. Just as we all have.

Lady Lleraya Montclair: Let me take a look at you. So you're the one who dispatched my father's pet Argonian? Well done, by the way. Well done. I'm so glad you're here. I was becoming dreadfully bored with Ellic and the rest of these silly nobles.
Hero: Tell me why I shouldn't just kill you.
Lady Lleraya Montclair: Isn't it fascinating? You want to strike me, but your weapon hangs loosely at your side. I wonder why that is? Oh, I know! It's because I will it. This is my world now. I feel your desire to please me, and I can use it to make you do as I wish.
Hero: What are you doing to the nobles?
Lady Lleraya Montclair: You believe the nobles are in danger? You want to save them? How sweet! They love me. They have given themselves to me. Thanks to the Remnant, I am their god. And now I also have you, the hero that Verandis presumed to use against my father and I.
Hero: I'm going to stop you.
Lady Lleraya Montclair: You're trying to resist me? Oh, what sport we shall have! But first, I have duties to perform. Come, join me downstairs. We must attend the celebration. Perhaps I'll even honor you with the first dance—before you try to kill me.

Count Verandis Ravenwatch: I had hoped to save Lleraya from this fate. Or else, I should have been the one to end her campaign. I'm sorry this unfortunate task fell to you.
Hero: I'm not sure I understand what happened here.
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: Lleraya gathered the nobles here, played with them, forced them to love her. It was the closest she could get to real happiness since the loss of her mother. When she was done playing, she was going to turn them all into bloodfiends.
Hero: This veil is slightly different from the one at Lorkrata.
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: Your perceptions are excellent. She used this veil in two ways—to hide herself and to overwhelm your senses with illusion. Unlike Lorkrata, instead of shredding the veil, this time you used the tear to enter Lleraya's illusion.
Hero: What happened to the nobles?
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: With Lleraya's death, the power of the veil fades. As soon as it dissipates, the nobles will appear. But now the final confrontation draws near. Gather our forces and meet me at the Shrouded Pass. We must return to the Doomcrag to end this.

Lord Ellic Dorell: By the Eight... who did this? What happened to my people?
Hero: Don't you remember? You were under Lleraya's spell. Goodbye.
Lord Ellic Dorell: Lleraya Montclair? Yes, she arrived here ... she said she was here to help. Then ... I can't remember anything else. Is the rest of Northpoint... is the city safe?
Hero: Many people have died, but I think the city is safe now.
Lord Ellic Dorell: I ... I need to get outside. Find my father. I need to make sure that Northpoint's all right.
Hero: Gather the nobles and head outside.
Lord Ellic Dorell: Of course. Give us a moment to compose ourselves and we'll meet you outside.

Baron Alard Dorell: You may not believe this, but that wasn't how I wanted our reunion to play out. But laws were broken. People died. I can't ignore our laws. Not even to save my son.
Hero: Is this really the proper response? He was under a spell.
Baron Alard Dorell: I left Ellic in charge. The safety of Northpoint was his responsibility! Someone has to answer for the deaths he caused this day. If I was in his position, I would expect the same treatment.
Hero: Hasn't Lleraya paid for these crimes? She was controlling his mind.
Baron Alard Dorell: Lleraya paid, and for that I thank you. But Ellic wasn't under a spell when he welcomed her into Northpoint. That was his choice. I won't leave him here to make the same mistake again.
Hero: Verandis wants us to bring the army to Shrouded Pass.
Baron Alard Dorell: Shrouded Pass? That means Montclair is in the Doomcrag! Then the time has come to strike down the traitor and restore peace to our shores! But first, I want to thank you for helping the people of Northpoint. I won't forget your bravery. You will receive:
Hero: Complete Quest.

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