The Innkeepers Daughter [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 22

Text of the Quest:

An innkeeper in , informed me of bandits who kidnapped his daughter . He asked me to bring her home safely. I should head to where Nellor believes Larasel is being held.


Go to Bandit Camp

Nellor: I pray you can help me, good traveler. They have her, and I'm desperate!
Hero: What's the problem?
Nellor: My daughter, Larasel! Bandits took her and I don't have the money to pay the ransom. I don't know what to do!
Hero: Did you tell the guards?
Nellor: No, it's no use. The guards are in league with the brigands. Paid off. Please, no one else will help me.
Hero: I'll help. Where should I lookf
Nellor: I believe they're keeping my daughter in a nearby camp. You have to help her!

Larasel: Quickly, untie me! They could be back at any moment!
Hero: Untie Larasel.

Nellor: What are you doing here? Why aren't you saving my daughter?
Hero: You set me up to be robbed.
Nellor: Wait! You don't understand. They made me do it. I mean, yes, they gave me a cut of their takings, but what choice did I have? They threatened to rob me of everything I own!
Hero: I'm taking you to the authorities.
Nellor: Anything you say! Of course, I never spent a single coin from what the bandits gave me. I couldn't stand to. I'd happily give it all to you, if you'd let this go. Please?
Hero: I'll think about it. Let's go.
Nellor: Think long and hard. It'll be worth your while, and I'll never deal with those bandits again, I promise! You don't have to turn me in. Just take me out back and I'll give you everything in my stash!

Captain Halakalal: Yes? What's the problem?
Hero: I have someone for you to take into custody.
Captain Halakalal: ls that Nellor the innkeeper? He's an upstanding citizen!
Hero: This letter proves he's sent travelers to be ambushed by bandits.
Captain Halakalal: What? No, impossible. We've had disappearances recently, but Nellor sending travelers to their doom? This is unthinkable. He didn't give you any trouble, did he?
Hero: He came peacefully.
Captain Halakalal: This is a blight on our community. Our own innkeeper, responsible for leading visitors to bandits? Bad hospitality. Thank you for bringing him to us. We'll see he gets what he deserves.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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