The Impervious Vault [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

The Impervious Vault Prince Azah says the necromancers of the Withered Hand are tunneling into the Impervious Vault to steal powerful relics known as the Ansei Wards. We must try to stop them. I should escort the prince back to the palace so we can warn the king about the Withered Hands plans.


Escort the Prince to the Palace Talk to Georgia Matine

Prince Azah: I don't wish to seem ungrateful, but you should know that kidnapping me was just a distraction. The Withered Hand—they've been planning this for years. If only we had heard the rumors sooner.... At this point, I don't think we can stop them.
Hero: Stop them from doing what? Goodbye.
Prince Azah: From tunneling into the Impervious Vault. This tunnel was just one of their attempts. It's a brilliant plan really. The gates of the vault have been magically sealed for centuries, but underneath, the vault's apparently not so impervious.
Hero: Why do they want to break in to the vault? Goodbye.
Prince Azah: Undoubtedly they're hoping to steal the Ansei Wards. With the wards, Uwafa and Alasan could become unimaginably powerful. It could be bad. Really bad. Even if we can't stop them, we have to try. We should get back to the palace and tell my father.
Hero: Sure. Let me untie you.

King Fahara'jad: Word has reached me of what happened at the seraglio. I should have seen this coming. Please. Tell me you found Prince Azah and he is safe.
Hero: Yes. He's safe and unharmed. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: I told Thoda you'd come through. I had a feeling about you, right from the start. Tell me though, where is Azah, and was this the extent of the Withered Hand's plot? Or do they presently plan some further insult to my family and my kingdom?
Hero: Azah went to the Impervious Vault. He says they're trying to tunnel in.
King Fahara'jad: Blade's edge! How could they ... would that actually work? If they get into the vault, they could steal the Ansei Wards, and then .... We must hurry. We have to stop them at all costs.
Hero: What can I do to help? Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: I can take guards to the Impervious Vault, but we're going to need help ... from the Mages Guild. As much as I hate to admit it, only they know how to unseal the vault. Will you go to the guild for me, wayfarer?
Hero: Yes. I will ask the Mages Guild to help us.
King Fahara'jad: When you reach the Mages Guild tower, speak to Gabrielle. She understands the need for discretion. I will meet you at the Impervious Vault. Tu'whacca watch over you, wayfarer. Let us hope we can keep the Ansei Wards from falling into enemy hands.
Hero: What exactly are the Ansei Wards?
King Fahara'jad: Of course. If you were not raised here, you would not know. The Ansei Wards were created centuries ago, the first time necromancers threatened the people of the Alik'r. They were created to protect us from the risen dead.
Hero: They don't seem to be doing a very good job. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: Or perhaps the protections are not so evident. The Ansei Wards maintain our covenant with Tu'whacca. If we consecrate our dead, those dead cannot be raised. Thus, the Withered Hand can raise only unconsecrated corpses.
Hero: So where do all these undead come from?
King Fahara'jad: Our priests perform the consecration ritual at funerals, but if the corpse is lost, this is not possible. Additionally, Suturah was always fond of murdering people and raising them right away. I assume the Withered Hand is doing the same.
Hero: So what happens if they steal the Ansei Wards?
King Fahara'jad: It would be unthinkable. With the Ansei Wards, the Withered Hand could raise our most honored ancestors—legendary warriors who were heroes in life, but would be most terrible enemies in death. That is why they must be stopped.

Gabrielle Benele: Hey—I know you! We killed that crazy old necromancer together—Angof. Remember the midnight talisman we used to break into Cath Bedraud? I still can't believe that worked. So I don't suppose you need help with something fun like that?
Hero: King Faraha'jad needs help to break into the Impervious Vault. Goodbye. Are you joking? I've been wanting to take a crack at that place ever since I heard the name. Wait a minute—did Simone put you up to this? Why would the king want to break into the vault?
Hero: It's true. Necromancers are trying to steal the Ansei Wards. Goodbye.
Gabrielle Benele: Necromancers? Ansei Wards? Fascinating! Count me in. So we just need to break the seal? Hmm... I know. Let's try this. Go to the bazaar and get Flame Stalk from Lucienne and Worm's Head Cap from Neenebah. Then meet me at the vault. This ... could work.

Lucienne Mavine: Take your time and browse, my friend! I'm sure you'll find I have what you've always wanted.
Hero: Do you have worm's head caps?
Lucienne Mavine: Ah. This is for Gabrielle, isn't it? She's a regular. In a city like Sentinel, we Bretons have to stick together. I have some in stock. You're welcome to them. Don't worry about payment. I know Gabrielle's good for it.
Hero: Do you have any flame stalks?
Lucienne Mavine: I'm sorry, but I'm out of stock ... because I'm out of stalks. Hehe. Seriously though, some Lion Guard mages came through and bought my last batch. Neeneban, the lizard trainer, might have some.

Neeneban: Welcome to Neeneban's Emporium of strange and wonderful things! Can I interest you in a lizard-catching net... or perhaps a trained lizard?
Hero: Do you have any flame stalk caps?
Neeneban: Flame stalks! Tasty treats. They help with indigestion ... for a lizard at least. You're not a lizard. What do you need them for? For some spell with Gabrielle I bet, and she doesn't even like lizards .... Oh well. Just take them, but she owes me!
Hero: That's a big lizard. Goodbye.
Neeneban: Oh, you must mean Monkey! Yes, he is adorably large, isn't he? I'm afraid I spoil him—only the best bugs are good enough for my Monkey. He's quite smart, aren't you. Monkey? Quite a little smarty.
Hero: You named your lizard "Monkey"? Goodbye.
Neeneban: Yes! It may seem odd, but it makes sense to me. From the time I could walk, I wanted a pet monkey. I pleaded and begged, but my father always refused. "Monkeys are arboreal," he said. I still don't know what that means.
Hero: So you got a lizard instead? Goodbye.
Neeneban: One has to start somewhere! Monkeys are terrific—everyone loves monkeys. And if I can't have a monkey, a lizard's the next best thing. You know, sometimes I wonder how my life would be different if my father had only given me a monkey.

Gabrielle Benele: Aha! Perfect! Say though, you didn't happen to pick up a few giant's toes while you were at the bazaar, did you?
Hero: No, but I have the other reagents you asked for. Goodbye.
Gabrielle Benele: That's fine. Giant's toes could make a bigger gap in the seal, but they're probably hard to find here anyways. These should do the trick ... I think. Hmm. Worm's Head on top of the Flame Stalk or Flame Stalk inside the Worm's Head?
Hero: Are you sure you know what you're doing? Goodbye.
Gabrielle Benele: Oh. Absolutely. It's only one person going in anyways. Without the giant's toes, I can only open the seals so far. Of course, Fahara'jad thinks that one person should be you. He wants to talk to you first though. Go on up.
Hero: Aren't you going to open the vault?
Gabrielle Benele: Sure. I just need a minute to think about exactly how to word this ... hmm. Gada, Gada, Tobr'a ... Tobr'a Tobr'a Gada ...? Go on. I'll be right up.

King Fahara'jad: If we are too late, the implications are unthinkable ... for all of Alik'r. I've prayed to Tu'whacca, Stendarr, and even Akatosh. Though I do not hold them sacred, I will pray to the Yokudan gods as well. Just in case.
Hero: Don't worry. Your Majesty. Everything will work out.
King Fahara'jad: Your hope is contagious, wayfarer. I am pleased that your road has led you here. General Thoda is not a man of faith, but even he agrees your coming seems more than a coincidence. If only one of us can enter the vault, I think it should be you.
Hero: I am willing to be the one. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: I cannot adequately express my gratitude. You must be careful, though. Azah believes the Withered Hand is far more powerful than we realized—Uwafa and Alasan in particular. If you see either of them, I suggest you exercise extreme caution.
Hero: Thank you for your concern. Your Majesty. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: I pray that we are not too late to stop the Withered Hand, and with the same breath, I thank the gods for guiding you here. Tu'whacca watch over you, wayfarer. Here comes Gabrielle. Are you ready?
Hero: Yes. I'll go in as soon as she breaks the seal.

Ansei Radan: You are not marked with the corruption of undeath, nor those that foster it. You are not aligned with them, are you?
Hero: No. I was trying to stop them. Goodbye.
Ansei Radan: You sought to protect the Wards? Praise Tu'whacca. That means there are still living those who oppose the menace of necromancy in the Alik'r. Hearken closely then, for my spirit cannot abide here long.
Hero: I'm listening. Goodbye.
Ansei Radan: We sacrificed ourselves to create the Wards, and through them we have protected the consecrated dead. But the Wards have fallen into corrupted hands now, and we are powerless to stop them. You must recover the Wards ....
Hero: Where have they taken them? Goodbye.
Ansei Radan: I do not know. My sight is weakened, and my presence is tied to my ward. They have taken it far from here ... that is why I am fading .... Find the wards. Bring them back. Tu'whacca be with you.
Hero: I will do everything I can to recover the Ansei Wards. Goodbye.

King Fahara'jad: That took longer than I hoped. It's hard to be patient when I know the fate of my kingdom is at stake. Tell me you have good tidings ... or did they escape with the Ansei Wards?
Hero: They escaped with the Ansei Wards. Goodbye.
King Fahara'jad: Damn it all! Thoda said Suturah's sons were dangerous. That's certainly true now. With the Ansei Wards, they can raise an army faster than I can! We have to stop them. We have to send Uwafa and Alasan to join their father in Oblivion!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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