The Great Tree [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 16

Text of the Quest:

has heard rumblings of discontent in , the Aldmeri Dominions capital. She wants me to travel ahead of her and assess the situation. I should find Captain Jimila in and book passage to .


Talk to Captain Jimila in

Queen Ayrenn: High Kinlady Estre may be defeated, but there are still those who would oppose the Dominion. The Veiled Heritance is proof of that. High Kinlord Rilis and I still have our work cut out for us here.
Hero: How could I be of help?
Queen Ayrenn: The king of the Wood Elves informs me there's some manner of discontent in Elden Root, our capital city. Meet with King Camoran Aeradan and work to end the discord. Once local matters are in hand, I'll meet you in Elden Root.
Hero: How do I get to Elden Root?
Queen Ayrenn: Travel to Skywatch and look for Captain Jimila. I've heard she's a reliable captain with a fast ship. She can bring you to the port of Haven, which is just south of Elden Root. And if she gives you trouble, tell her I sent you.
Hero: I'll head to Elden Root, your majesty.

Captain Jimila: It's good to see you, friend. You will always have a place aboard the Prowler.
Hero: Queen Ayrenn said you could take me to the port of Haven.
Captain Jimila: The queen? Of course we can do this! We shall set out for Haven at once, if you are ready.
Hero: Where is your ship?
Captain Jimila: Where we left it, I'd hope. But come, join me for a drink! It's good luck to share a glass before a long voyage. Unless you can't handle the stuff. Then you can meet us in Vulkhel Guard.
Hero: All right. I have time for a drink.
Captain Jimila: How about a friendly wager? We match each other, glass for glass. Win, and you travel to Haven in the privacy of your own cabin. But if I win, you launder our clothes for the entire voyage. Deal?
Hero: If you buy the drinks, we have a deal.
Captain Jimila: Ha! Deal. Bottoms up. And speaking of bottoms, my quartermaster prefers a crisp fold in his breeches.
Hero: Ready when you are.

Captain Jimila: My head feels like a thunderbug crawled inside it. But I did win our contest. Oblan will bring the laundry for you. Every morning.
Hero: [Intimidate] That's not true! I won the contest! Don't try to cheat me!
Captain Jimila: Fine, fine! You won, as long as you promise to be quiet. Now it feels like the thunderbug lays eggs in my head.
Hero: It's good that we understand each other.
Captain Jimila: Are you ready? And can you stop thinking so loudly?
Hero: I'm ready to leave for Haven.
Captain Jimila: Yes, yes. We'll cast off as soon as the Prowler stops spinning ....

King Camoran Aeradan: You're a bold one, to approach so fearlessly. Give me a good reason to speak with you. I'll make it seem like you're here at my request. Otherwise, my subjects will think you cut the line and start sizing you up for dinner.
Hero: Queen Ayrenn sent me to help deal with the unrest.
King Camoran Aeradan: How thoughtful! I can hardly turn down such a generous gift. Especially with the trouble brewing in Elden Root.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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