The Flower of Youth [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 26

Text of the Quest:

An aging Bosmer named Hartmin brought his dying husband to a grove near Greenheart where they share memories from their youth. Hartmin was disappointed to discover that the flowers no longer grow here. He asked me to look for Nereids Smile flowers nearby and if possible, to collect seeds for him to sow in the grove.

Hartmin: Memories of youth are the treasures of old age. Savor them ... and those who share them. They'll fade, but they're as sweet as Sun's Dusk Ale while they last. Tongues of Xarxes! I sound like a pedantic old fool, don't I? Forgive me.
Hero: Is everything all right?
Hartmin: Yes. Ignore my nostalgic nonsense—it's just an attempt to pretend my musty past is worth something more than it is. Getting old isn't easy. My dear Mirilir is passing. We came to see the flowers, but they don't seem to grow here any more.
Hero: What happened to the flowers?
Hartmin: I don’t know. "Nereid's Smile", they're called. So blue, so beautiful. There must be some nearby, but I'm too old to hunt them down. I wonder though ... if you see any, could you gather some seeds? I could sow them here ... for old time's sake.
Hero: Of course. I'll bring back any seeds I can find.
Hartmin: You are generous to humor two silly old men, but those seeds would mean so much to us. When we were young, we used to sneak away from the clan and come here to be together. I Lying here among the Nereid's Smile, it seemed like we had forever.
Hero: Is there no way to heal Mirilir?
Hartmin: Not unless you can turn back time. No. To be honest, we've lived for many years more than either of us expected, but our time has finally come. Nothing can forestall my husband's death now, nor mine, which I expect will follow soon after.

Hartmin: Life is so precious, and so fleeting. Don't let it pass you by. Take time to feel the caress of the wind and listen to the way it carries the sound of your true love's name. Mirilir... I never did hear anything so sweet and so dear.
Hero: Is he gone then?
Hartmin: Yes. His passing was quick and peaceful... and we were together. That's all that really mattered. Soon, I will rest too. But you, you're so kind. Did you find the Nereid's Smile?
Hero: Yes. I collected these seeds for you.
Hartmin: It's funny. The flowers meant so much to us when we were young, but at the end, we didn't need the flowers any more. We had the memories. These seeds are wonderful though. I realize now their true significance.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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