The Captains Honor [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Though the had been destroyed, the Maormer still hold capt I've at . Captain Seritenyas inside a cave not far from the camp where First Mate Valion was held. He sent a striker, who should be able to help me rescue the captain, ahead to meet me inside the cave.

First Mate Valion: We caught this Maormer exiting the hold, likely off to warn his masters. With a bit of coaxing, he gave us the information we need.
Hero: Any news of the captain?
First Mate Valion: This Maormer whelp says Arch-Wizard Sameht took the captain to a nearby cave, not far from where you saved me. And, he says, there's a back way out.
Hero: I'll head there now. Goodbye.
First Mate Valion: I've sent a striker to assist you inside the cave's entrance. My remaining crew and I will secure the exit. Be wary. The Maormer feared the very mention of Arch-Wizard Sameht. Light of Aldmeris guide you.
Hero: Don't worry. I'll rescue the captain.

Fist of Thalmor: First Mate Valion said you'd meet me here.
Hero: What are we facing? Goodbye.
Fist of Thalmor: The Arch-Wizard, and a few others along the path ahead. With your help, we should dispatch them easily. The wizard is channeling energy into an Animus Geode attached to the captain. I heard them say something about memories.
Hero: Memories? Goodbye.
Fist of Thalmor: Yes. I fear the Arch-Wizard uses the Animus Geode to strip victims of their memories. If that's so, we must destroy the Animus Geode before the captain succumbs to its effects.
Hero: Then we must act quickly. Follow me. Goodbye.
Fist of Thalmor: My blades are at your disposal. Lead on.
Hero: Let's go.

Captain Seritenya: I've never felt such pain! Ugh, the Maormer are little better than animals!
Hero: Are you all right? Goodbye.
Captain Seritenya: I think so. My memories, my being, rushed back with the Animus Geode's destruction. Until you came, I'd thought my crew lost and our secrets revealed. They didn't get it, did they? The manifest?
Hero: It's safely destroyed. And First Mate Valion should be at the cave's exit by now. Goodbye.
Captain Seritenya: Does my mind play tricks? You say First Mate Valion survived?
Hero: I rescued First Mate Valion and some of your crew.
Captain Seritenya: They're alive. What a relief! I saw them dead. Broken. Everything undone. That wizard tormented me with such horrible visions! But they're safe, thanks to you. Please, lead the way out of this place. I'll follow... albeit slowly.
Hero: This way. The exit to the south should be secure.

Captain Seritenya: So few .... Ah, but it's good to finally see them again!
Hero: Can you make it from here? Goodbye.
Captain Seritenya: With this group? Without a doubt! We'll make our way overland to Vulkwasten. We'd have been lost without you, and the Maormer would know our secrets. This rescue brings great honor to your name, my friend. May Auri-EI guide you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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