The Blacksaps Hold [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 20

Text of the Quest:

The Vinedusk Rangers want me to help quash the remnants of the Blacksap Rebellion, the Wood Elf civil war that ended with the Dominions formation. Forinor, one of the Vinedusk, appeared out of a portal. He asked me to step through to their base of operations.


Enter the Portal

Forinor: Our eyes are everywhere in Grahtwood. We've fixed them upon you for some time. We're in need of an outsider, unknown in Cormount. Someone with ... versatility.
Hero: Who are you?
Forinor: I'm privileged to be a Vinedusk Ranger. We report directly to King Camoran Aeradan, ruler of the Wood Elves. We protect his rule against all threats, without or within.
Hero: What kind of threats?
Forinor: The Blacksap Rebellion, for one. Though nearly broken at the Dominion's formation, its last remnants plague Cormount. With your help we can finally end our civil war. If you're agreeable, I'll open a portal to our base of operations.
Hero: All right. Open the portal.

Maeroth: Cormount is where the Blacksap Rebellion began. With your help, Cormount will be where it ends. The Vinedusk Rangers need you to flush out the Blacksap leaders. Killing them will only fuel the flames of rebellion. They must be brought into custody.
Hero: Why do you need me to do this?
Maeroth: After General Endare broke their backs, we pacified the remnants of the Blacksap. Every rebel in Grahtwood knows our faces. But not yours. Your anonymity allows you to get close and capture their leaders.
Hero: This is a local rebellion. Why should I get involved?
Maeroth: The Blacksap hate the king, but they have less love for the Dominion. We know they're planning something. Given their methods, it'll be loud and bloody. We can't allow this to fester. But if we capture its leaders, the rebellion ends overnight.
Hero: Tell me about the rebellion's leaders.
Maeroth: Gorinir is strong as an ox and just as proud. His brother Lorchon seems to have more eyes in Grahtwood than we do. Both are sons of Gelthior—cousin to King Camoran Aeradan, traitor to his people, and the prisoner for whom this place was built.
Hero: Has Gelthior told you anything about his sons?
Maeroth: Nothing we didn't know already. Gelthior is the king's cousin, so we're forbidden from using harsher methods. More's the pity. If you care to question him yourself, do so before you leave. You won't return here unless his sons are in hand.
Hero: How am I supposed to track down Gelthior's sons?
Maeroth: Meet with Treethane lirdel, our agent in Cormount. It took months, but she identified locals connected to the Blacksap. She'll get you started.
Hero: I'll find her in Cormount.
Maeroth: Once you've departed, Forinor will seal the portal. None must know we're holding Gelthior at this location. Or that he's alive, for that matter.
Hero: I have a few questions.
Maeroth: I've spent much of the past year as caretaker here, but I'll answer as best I can.
Hero: Where are we exactly?
Maeroth: We needed a place where none could find Gelthior, so we dug out a remote Ayleid ruin, set up this prison, and then caved in the entrance. The only way in or out is through Forinor's portals. So to answer your question ... we're nowhere.
Hero: Why are you holding Gelthior here?
Maeroth: We barely won the civil war. Gelthior would sit the throne if Queen Ayrenn hadn't answered our call for aid. Once we'd captured the leader of the Blacksap, we knew we couldn't risk his escape. So we brought him here, to this hole in the ground.
Hero: What do you plan to do with Gelthior and his sons?
Maeroth: We'll hold them here until King Camoran Aeradan says otherwise. If the heroes of the Blacksap vanish forever, their followers have nothing to rally behind. Then rebellion fades to memory, and we all get to live on with our lives.
Hero: Why can't the Dominion handle this?
Maeroth: The king is responsible for his own people, so it falls to the king's soldiers to handle all local matters. But just in case the Blacksap get any ideas. Dominion camps are stationed just outside of Cormount. 'Training maneuvers," they call it.

Gelthior: Come to mock the rightful king of the Wood Elves? Go on then, have your fun.
Hero: I have some questions for you.
Gelthior: Not "Answer me, you traitorous dog?" You aren't one of Maeroth's killers, that's clear. Ask your questions.
Hero: Why did you start the Blacksap Rebellion?
Gelthior: Since his ascension to the throne, the king's attempts to "renew" our lands shows how soft he is on the Green Pact. My people need a ruler who understands the ancient compacts aren't to be discarded. As second in line to the throne, it fell to me.
Hero: Soft on the Green Pact? What does that mean?
Gelthior: Our ancient compact with Y'ffre brought splendor to the Wood Elf people, yet this king's own Vinedusk Rangers are exempt. I've seen them eat roots from the ground. Disgusting! When the people called for justice, I had no choice.
Hero: Sounds like you really wanted to be the king.
Gelthior: Of course I did! How better to reaffirm the Green Pact? To keep the High Elves out of Grahtwood? But General Endare ended the Blacksap when she slaughtered us at Cormount. I fear my sons can't see the rebellion is over. It's why I hope you capture them.
Hero: [Persuade] General Endare betrayed the Dominion. I'm the one who brought her to justice.
Gelthior: The Dominion's great hero, a traitor? And you, to have stopped her? If this is true, my sons would know. If you can convince the Blacksap you ended the Jade Butcher's reign of terror, you can get close enough to my sons to capture them.
Hero: Why do you want me to capture your sons?
Gelthior: If the full weight of the Dominion gets involved in a local rebellion, my people will suffer. I'd rather use the Dominion's tools against them. A public trial will show our cause to be just. But only if my sons still live.
Hero: What can you tell me about your sons?
Gelthior: If Lorchon knows I'm alive, he'll come peacefully. He's pragmatic, and not the type to waste his life for a lost cause. Gorinir is another matter. He's not the type to kill you outright, but step lightly. He's very proud, that one.

Forinor: Say the word and I'll open a portal to Cormount. Once you pass through, it will seal behind you. If you have anything to do before you leave, now is the time.
Hero: What do you do here?
Forinor: I'm the Vinedusk's Master of Portals. I've spent most of my life studying their magical intricacies. I've developed my own types of portals, the kind which can't possibly be traced. Without my expertise, none of this would be possible.
Hero: Open the portal.

Treethane lirdel: I'm sorry you had to witness that. I knew Cormount's citizens were zealous about the Green Pact, but sometimes they go hunting for trouble.
Hero: The Vinedusk Rangers told me to speak with you.
Treethane lirdel: Yes, Forinor said I'm to support you in tracking down Gelthior's sons. We'll start with Lorchon, the Blacksap's spymaster. If we capture him first, his brother Gorinir will be without eyes. And before you ask, I lost it in the war.
Hero: What do you have for me?
Treethane lirdel: The Blacksap Rebellion started here. It won't surprise you to learn Cormount's citizens provide food and gold to the remnants. They use special phrases to arrange meetings. If you know the phrases, you can get to the remnants.
Hero: What are the phrases?
Treethane lirdel: The phrases change weekly. Definitely the work of Lorchon. Lucky for you, I've done the scutwork. You'll find this week's phrases in the journal next to me. I leave it to you to work out which ones to use.
Hero: What if I use the wrong phrase?
Treethane lirdel: The Blacksap protects its own. I can't imagine they'll be happy. You'll see a list of known sympathizers in the journal. Approach them, and use the right phrase to set up a meeting with Lorchon. Find me when you're done.

Nallion: My husband spends so much time with his books. I can never pull him away, especially when it's time to hunt.
Hero: [Persuade] I need to speak with Lorchon. Tell him I'm the one who dealt with General Endare.
Nallion: You killed the Jade Butcher? All of Cormount will thank you, if it's true. But I don't know any "Lorchon."
Hero: Yes you do. Tell him I want to meet.
Nallion: Head to the Butcher's Ground. He'll be there when he's ready. We won't speak again.

Treethane lirdel: Have you secured a meeting with Lorchon?
Hero: I'm supposed to meet him at the "Butcher's Ground."
Treethane lirdel: Of course. It's where General Endare cut down most of their forces.
Hero: What happened at the battle?
Treethane lirdel: The Jade Dragoons struck at night, from all directions. The Blacksap never stood a chance. They tried to surrender, but General Endare had ordered her soldiers to cleanse the area. Seems the Jade Dragoons always follow orders.
Hero: Why would Lorchon want to meet at the site of a massacre?
Treethane lirdel: No good reason, I'm sure of it. But we don't have a choice. If Lorchon shows up, you'll need to capture him.
Hero: How can I do that?
Treethane lirdel: Here, these were Gelthior's rings. His sons will recognize them immediately. As soon as Lorchon puts it on, he'll be transported to the hidden prison. One of Forinor's more devious enchantments.
Hero: Forinor? The Master of Portals?
Treethane lirdel: He's still calling himself that? The boy needs a hobby. He once proposed we use his portals to send the contents of our latrine into a Blacksap camp. 'The perfect distraction," he said. We called him the Master of Privies fora month.
Hero: Is there anything else I need to know about Lorchon?
Treethane lirdel: We need Lorchon and his brother. See if you can get him to talk about where Gorinir is hiding. You have a ring for each brother. Once you've captured them both, Forinor will find you. And if we don't meet again, it's been an honor.

Lorchon: Every night since the massacre, I've dreamt of the horrors the Jade Butcher brought to Cormount. It seems fitting to meet the one who brought her to justice on the very spot she slew the Blacksap. I wonder, will I have nightmares of you?
Hero: I'm here to bring you to justice.
Lorchon: Are you? I admit, I'm not one for direct confrontation. That's more Gorinir's style. I've long preferred to fade into the background. Which I'll do, unless you have anything of value to say.
Hero: Your father is still alive. Here, take his ring.
Lorchon: Alive? He's been missing for the better part of the year. Everyone thought him dead. I've long suspected he lives, and have an inkling of who holds him. Tell me the name of his jailer, and I'll know if you speak the truth.
Hero: Maeroth. He's the Vinedusk Ranger who holds your father.
Lorchon: I see. Very well, I wish to turn myself in. Take me to my father. If he's alive, I must speak with him.
Hero: Why the change of heart?
Lorchon: The Blacksap Rebellion needed my family to begin, and now it lives in the heart of the people. It will flourish, in time. But I'd rather be at my father's side when it happens. I did surrender, yes? Shall we be off?
Hero: First, tell me where to find Gorinir.
Lorchon: My brother is in a cave on the other side of Cormount. Good luck reaching him. He has many soldiers at his command, and he's not much for talking before acting. And you should hurry, before he sets his plan in motion.
Hero: Plan? What plan?
Lorchon: As I said, he's not much for talking. Sometimes, not even to me. I do know how much he loathes the Jade Butcher, and that he wants to repay the Dominion in kind. I told you where to find Gorinir. Now, take me to my father.
Hero: Put on the ring.

Gorinir: Are you with the Vinedusk Rangers? The Justiciars? The Fighters Guild? It doesn't matter. I know why you're here.
Hero: I'm here to bring you to justice.
Gorinir: Justice? Queen Ayrenn invaded our land and killed our people, all in the name of the false King Camoran Aeradan. The only justice is in the soil, where her Jade Butcher slaughtered our people. And now that very soil will rise up to take back what is rightfully ours!
Hero: What are you talking about?
Gorinir: Our constructs already rise to take back Cormount. Those who follow the Green Pact will see the forest rise against the Dominion invaders. Fitting revenge for the Jade Butcher's work.
Hero: Why are you doing this?
Gorinir: Y'ffre's children loathe the outsiders who pick away at the Green. Until the Blacksap sit on the throne in Elden Root, Grahtwood itself will rise against the invaders. They weep for Gelthior. The death of my father drove them to this.
Hero: Tell me how to stop the constructs.
Gorinir: You can't stop anything, it has already begun! The Dominion camps will know the pain and fear General Endare brought us, one long bloody year ago. I only regret one thing. I'd hoped to end the Jade Butcher myself. To honor the memory of my father.
Hero: [Intimidate] I defeated General Endare. Surrender, or I'll show you exactly how I did it.
Gorinir: You're the one who did it? Tell me. When she fell to you, was it swift? Or did she linger?
Hero: Does it matter?
Gorinir: No. I suppose it doesn't. i'll surrender to you, but it won't end the attacks on the Dominion camps. Once unleashed, the constructs are beyond our control.
Hero: How can I stop them?
Gorinir: Here, take this bottle. My soldiers drink it to steady their nerves before battle. Perhaps it will help with the constructs. Now, where is my father?
Hero: Put on the ring. I'll lead you to your father.
Maeroth: The Blacksap are leaderless and their attack was blunted, thanks to your quick work. Cormount will heal in time.
Hero: What will happen to Gelthior and his sons?
Maeroth: We'll keep them here until the king says otherwise. Better they're thought missing than known to be alive or dead. The Blacksap leadership won't know what to do.
Hero: They're traitors. It's what they deserve.
Maeroth: Agreed. They're traitors, and traitors deserve no sympathy. They'd spend the rest of their days in this hole, if I had any say.
Hero: All right.
Maeroth: Here, a little present. I can't make you a Vinedusk Ranger, but I can give you something to show you're an honorary member. They represent the king's trust, knowing we uphold the Green Pact despite our exemption from it. You've more than earned it.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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