The Better of Two Evils [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 35
Reward: 303

Text of the Quest:

Valeric believes vampires don't have to be monsters. He wants my help to stop his father, Majorn, who plans to create an army of bloodfiends.


Valeric: Rala will release Scales when the sun sets. We'll give her the potion and hope for the best. Now to more important matters. We must discuss my father's creations.
Hero: What's your father trying to accomplish?
Valeric: We've all been infected. Cursed. Plagued. Call it what you will. We're vampires. But we don't have to succumb to the curse's savage nature. My father thinks otherwise.
Hero: How so?
Valeric: Не believes we should embrace the bloodlust, the power. Taking those who can't oppose us and making them our own. As civil war rages through Eastmarch, he feels the time is right to strike. He wants to grow an army of undead before anyone notices.
Hero: And you want to stop him?
Valeric: Му father must be stopped at all costs. He's already targeted the Winterland hunters. He's about to turn them into his puppets. Jaruk downstairs can tell you how to save them. That's our first step.
Hero: And what do we do after that?
Valeric: We turn my father into dust and end his tyranny once and for all. The hunters are merely a distraction. If we deny him their blood, he'll grow curious, perhaps even vulnerable. He'll want to know who interfered with his plans.
Hero: Why can't you save the hunters like you did Imhey?
Valeric: This world is a deadly place when the sun glows bright in the sky. It's just too dangerous outside. Even the wounds I recently suffered require time and a great deal of blood to overcome. Imagine the cost of trying to deal with all those hunters.
Hero: Then why haven't you approached the hunters during the night?
Valeric: I must say, you are a strange one. Others would have drawn weapons the moment they saw what I was. Anyway, I could attempt to scare them away. But they're hunters. I don't suspect they scare very easily.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jaruk: I hope Valeric didn't convince you to join our cause. Our battles never end well. True, his father's a bastard, but he's a strong bastard. Valeric can't beat him and those who help us usually die. But enough depressing talk! How can Jaruk help you?
Hero: Valeric mentioned you have a plan to save the hunters.
Jaruk: Yes, yes, Jaruk always has a plan. The bloodfiends hunt by scent. They have the hunters' scent and await the command to strike. If we mask the scent, the bloodfiends will lose interest and wander off. The hunters will be saved!
Hero: What do I need to do?
Jaruk: Take this liquid. It is a gift from Jaruk's close friends, Cello and Harp. Don't ask what it is. You don't want to know. Splash it on the hunters. Make them smell like something the bloodfiends won't want to eat. T
Hero: he hunters won't mind getting splashed with this?
Jaruk: Oh, they'll hate it. They'll probably try to kill you! It's best if you rough them up a bit first. Show them who's stronger. Then splash it in their faces. As long as they end up very smelly, the hunters should be safe.
Hero: Goodbye.

Tunus: You've made contact with Majorn's son, Valeric. He's a troubled young man, ashamed of his heritage. Majorn simply wishes to end the conflict with his son. For this reason, my lord requests to meet with you.
Hero: Why me?
Tunus: Oh, it's not just you. Others have tried to help Valeric. They either see how futile their task is or they fail. My master wants to explain this to you. You don't have to make any decisions right now. Just hear him out.
Hero: Where do I find Majorn?

Majorn the Ancient: You must be curious as to why I summoned you. I want to give you an opportunity to learn my son's true intentions. His fire is admirable, but he does more harm than good.
Hero: What do you mean?
Majorn the Ancient: Valeric opposes me because I embrace my true nature. I take what is mine without thought or hesitation. Valeric questions everything and tries to fix our people. He deprives them of what they need to survive while telling them there is a better way.
Hero: And how does that work out?
Majorn the Ancient: When they finally taste fresh blood, the fever takes hold. They become wild, savage monsters more dangerous than anything I create. Many call me evil, but at least I do not feed indiscriminately. I feed to survive. I feed to increase my power.
Hero: What do you want from me?
Majorn the Ancient: Valeric must be stopped. My people may kill hundreds, but when his followers lose control they kill thousands more. I hide nothing from you. I am not a good man, nor a good father, but I shall not kill my only son. For that, I need your help.
Hero: You just expect me to take your word and kill your son?
Majorn the Ancient: I could crush you, yet I do not. You need to understand. The two who follow my son are all that remain. The others lost control, slaughtered villages in their mindless rage. They had to be, how do I say it, put down? Such a waste.
Hero: Valeric never mentioned that.
Majorn the Ancient: Of course he didn't. Why would he tell his new ally that he was the cause of such rampant slaughter? I grow tired of these questions. I have told you what you have asked, now you must answer me. Will you assist me or shall we be enemies?
Hero: Fine, I'll help you. Valeric can't continue to do this.
Majorn the Ancient: Valeric will use the hunters in the area as he attempted to use you. They must be destroyed. Take this rune. Use it on one of my bloodfiends. It will follow your commands. Make it do your bidding. Take it and slaughter the hunters.
Hero: Goodbye.
Majorn the Ancient: Ah, the smell of fresh blood. It's intoxicating. I only wish I had been the one to drain the life from their bodies. But this is not about me. This is about sending a message. And Valeric has heard it, loud and clear.
Hero: And what now? The hunters are dead. Valeric is no longer a threat.
Majorn the Ancient: Ah, but that is where you are wrong. Valeric will continue to spend every moment of his existence attempting to end mine. I grow tired of it. I have shown you a small glimpse of the power I can give you. Help me and I will give you even more.
Hero: What do you want me to do?
Majorn the Ancient: My son hides in the crypts beneath this manor. Use the trap door in the next room and go to him. Then end this. Make his death quick, if you would. He is my son, after all. I do not want him to suffer.
Hero: And this power you would give me?
Majorn the Ancient: It is the power to steal life, the power to consume an enemy's energy and make it your own. This blessing I give you. Do not waste it.
Hero: Goodbye.

Majorn the Ancient: So. It is finished.
Hero: The deed is done, just as you asked.
Majorn the Ancient: It isn't right for a father to thank the murderer of his son. Instead, I shall simply say that I appreciate what you've done.
Hero: What happens now?
Majorn the Ancient: I will stay and mourn my son before I return to my clan. I knew in my heart that Valeric would never abandon the path he selected, but I never stopped trying to change his mind. At least I can find comfort in that fact.
Hero: And what about me?
Majorn the Ancient: I give you this as payment for services rendered. You are strong and I respect that. Feel free to visit as often as you like. I shall happily provide you with power whenever you wish.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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