The Assassins List [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 26

Text of the Quest:

The Assassins List Adusa has discovered that the Montclairs have assembled a list of targets they have marked for elimination. Adusa wants me to acquire the list of targets for her. I can find it on someone named Rasaba the Keen. Whether Rasaba lives or dies is entirely up to me.


Collect the List of Targets


Adusa-daro: You make Rivenspire a safer place with every task you complete. You had a taste with Two-Blades. Ready for something with a little more meat on its bones?
Hero: What do you mean?
Adusa-daro: Adusa has been studying this code book. Gathering information, learning what she can. It seems Montclair's forces are resolved. They hired Two-Blades to eliminate a list of targets. We need that list.
Hero: You want me to get the list?
Adusa-daro: Do you actually listen to what Adusa says? Yes. Get the list. This one learned that Rasaba the Keen carries the list. Kill Rasaba, or do not, Five-Claw. As you choose. We only need the list.
Hero: I'll find the list, Adusa.
Adusa-daro: To find Rasaba and the list, head due south from the manor. Follow the river and you should see them camped between Silverhoof Vale and Camp Tamrith.
Hero: What should I know about Rasaba the Keen?
Adusa-daro: Rasaba the Keen's as cunning as she is brutal. She fought her way to the top of her organization, climbing a ladder of blood. There's always a group of fierce young warriors at her side. If it turns into a battle, you're going to have a war on your hands.
Hero: Why don't you handle this yourself?
Adusa-daro: This one is a master of stealth and a gatherer of information. Sometimes Adusa strikes, but sometimes Adusa points the blade and lets another drive it home.

Adusa-daro: Ah, my friend! Your return, it is well timed. For some reason, Montclair's forces have attacked the castle. This one can't imagine why they would do such a thing.
Hero: I have the list. Are you all right?
Adusa-daro: Oh yes, Adusa is fine. Nothing to worry about. Let's take a look at that list. Of course. Verandis. Adusa. And Gwendis. We're at the top of the list! That would certainly explain why they attacked the castle, yes?
Hero: Complete Quest.

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