Tarnish the Crown [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Stros M'Kai
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Tarnish the Crown and his Goblins killed Gugnirs brothers and left him for dead. He asked me to avenge his brothers by killing the Goblin king. Gugnir fears King Demog is preparing to attack . Once I kill , I should collect his crown as proof.


Kill King Demog and Take his Crown

Gugnir: Goblins. They're gonna kill us all!
Hero: What happened?
Gugnir: They killed everyone — my brothers and our five guards. They speared me good, left me for dead. I crawled here after they left. Their new king's got them all riled up, ready to attack Port Hunding and wipe out the town!
Hero: What can I do about it?
Gugnir: Kill their king! They won't attack the town without him to lead them. Bring me his crown so I know the bastard's dead. I'll try to make it to town, unless the Goblins kill me first.
Hero: I'll do it
Gugnir: I just need to gather my strength and hobble back to town. Get that Goblin king and bring me his crown, if you can!
Hero: How'd you run into the Goblins?
Gugnir: We actually went looking for them, if you can believe that. We'd heard they had a new king and that he was stirring up trouble. We figured we could handle them, but there were too many for us.
Hero: Why don't we just warn the town?
Gugnir: No good. Bhosek'll never believe it. He's a suspicious bastard and will think we're trying to trick him somehow. He'd have our heads on pikes. I'm too fond of my head to risk it.
Hero: What'll you do if I go after the king?
Gugnir: I'll try to make it to town. I'm too injured to be any good to you, and if the Goblins catch me out here, I'm dead.

Gugnir: Did you do it? Did you kill the Goblin king?
Hero: Yes. Here's the crown.
Gugnir: By Kyne, you did it! I've been expecting them to attack the town any minute. Bhosek tossed me out when I tried to warn him, said he'd have my head if I didn't shut up. He'll never know you saved his town for him.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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