Strange Allies [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 33
Reward: 235

Text of the Quest:

Aspera Giant-Friend says the giants are about to go to war against the Stormfists that hold Cradlecrush because their mammoths were stolen. As long as I oppose the Stormfists, these giants will consider me to be an ally.


Aspera Giant-Friend: The big ones spotted your approach, stranger. Be warned. Cradlecrush isn't the idyllic place it once was.
Hero:What happened here?
Aspera Giant-Friend: You don't know? The big folk prepare to march to war. I sense that you and the big folk share a common foe. I'd say you arrived just in time. I like that in a champion.
Hero:What are you talking about?
Aspera Giant-Friend: The Stormfists captured the giants' mammoths. They plan to use them against Fort Amol. If you oppose the Stormfists, then you are an ally of the big folk. Take this horn and blow it at the nearby cave. It will summon a giant to your side.
Hero:If you say so.
Aspera Giant-Friend: Stormfist scouts hide in the trees. They ambush us when we least expect it. The giant can help you knock the cowards from their perches. Then kill them and collect any orders they carry. If you find something, meet me at the camp to the west.
Hero:I have some questions.
Aspera Giant-Friend: I may have answers. Ask away.
Hero:How can you speak to giants?
Aspera Giant-Friend: I'm a friend of the giants. Let's leave it at that until we get to know each other a little better.
Hero:Why are the Stormfists fighting the giants?
Aspera Giant-Friend: The same reason anyone fights with giants. They're stupid. Fildgor Orcthane leads the Stormfists to war against his brother, the Skald-King. Along the way, they revel in malice and destruction. That's just one of the consequences of war.
Hero: Food Bye!

Aspera Giant-Friend: I see victory in your eyes! What did you find on the Stormfist scouts?
Hero:I collected these notes from the Stormfist scouts.
Aspera Giant-Friend: Excellent! We couldn't have gathered this information without you. Now, with your continued help, we can take back Cradlecrush and drive off the Stormfist invaders.
Hero:Complete Quest.

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