Storming the Hall [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Storming the Hall The Reachmen attacked Shors Stone and brought the giant Sinmur back to life. Now theyve overrun Fallowstone Hall, an ancient seat of the Companions. Vigrod wants my help regaining the Hall. I must rally any survivors and meet with Vigrod Wraithbane at the steps of the Hall.


Rally Survivors

Vigrod Wraithbane: It falls to us. We must rally the Companions and face Sinmur together. Are you with me?
Hero: Count me in. What's the plan?
Vigrod Wraithbane: We've done what we can for Shor's Stone. The villagers can deal with the aftermath. We have other concerns. While we were here, the Reachmen attacked Fallowstone Hall!
Hero: Fallowstone Hall?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Together we'll storm Fallowstone Hall and teach those bastards a lesson they'll never forget!
Hero: I'm ready.
Vigrod Wraithbane: Fallowstone Hall must be retaken! There are relics hidden beneath the Hall, including a mighty weapon that was used to kill Sinmur long ago. Do you want to follow me or meet me there?
Hero: Lead on.

Vigrod Wraithbane: Are you ready for this?
Hero: Things look bad, Vigrod.
Vigrod Wraithbane: It's my fault. I brought our best blades to Shor's. The recruits I left behind never had a chance against the savagery of the Reachmen.
Hero: Where do we start?
Vigrod Wraithbane: I'm told survivors retreated to our shrines. Find them and rally them to the Hall. I'm going to hold the main doors. I'll wait for you there.
Hero: I'm on it.
Vigrod Wraithbane: We're holding them here. Rally the others. Quickly!
Hero: [Persuade] This will go faster if we both rally the survivors. Goodbye.
Vigrod Wraithbane: Sounds good. I've heard Skald Svari holds out at one of the shrines. You rally her to the Hall and I'll get the others.
Hero: I'm ready.

Skald Svari: Don't come near me! I'll gut you if you touch me!
Hero: Wait! Vigrod sent me. Everyone is to rally at the Hall!

Vigrod Wraithbane: Sage Tirora is dead, tortured. I'll gut every Reachman I find, I swear it!
Hero: I rallied who I could. Sorry about the Sage, Vigrod.
Vigrod Wraithbane: I lead. I bear the blame. Tears and mead are for another day. Wish she was still here, though. We need her right now.
Hero: Need her? For what?
Vigrod Wraithbane: The Reachmen are in the vault beneath the Hall. Our most treasured artifacts are down there. Reach shamans have placed one of those damned spellshields on the door. Tirora would be able to ... wait.
Hero: What?
Vigrod Wraithbane: I just realized. Sage Tirora still may be able to help us. This pouch of ashes. We use it to commune with the ancient spirits of the Hall. She's newly dead. And if I know Tirora, angry.
Hero: Just tell me what to do.
Vigrod Wraithbane: At each of the memorials near the Hall is a small brazier. Burn the ashes at each altar, and see if you can locate Tirora's spirit. I'll rally the men here and inside the Hall.
Hero: I'll find her. Don't worry.

Vigrod Wraithbane: Sage Tirora answered your call, Shor bless her.
Hero: What happens next?
Vigrod Wraithbane: I must ensure the Hall is cleared. I need you to go into the vault. Kill any Reachmen you find and check on the relics we guard there.
Hero: Is there anything in particular I should look for?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Aye. We've the honor to safeguard the legendary axe, Wuuthrad. It rests in the vault, secure in the arms of Ysgramor's statue. Please ensure that it's safe.
Hero: I'll see you soon, Vigrod.
Vigrod Wraithbane: So many proud warriors slain. We'll repay every drop of blood threefold.
Hero: Who leads the Reachmen against us?
Vigrod Wraithbane: The Shor-cursed son of a skeever named Stral Blackthroat. He leads the Rageclaw clan and is said to now lead all the tribes assaulting the Rift.
Hero: You mentioned Wuuthrad? Ysgramor?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Ha ha! For the love of Kyne. You don't know who Ysgramor is? Or the tale of Wuuthrad?
Hero: Indulge me. Who's Ysgramor?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Ysgramor led the Companions on a campaign of vengeance against the elves. Wielding his axe Wuuthrad, the harbinger of us all led his warriors in a rampage across Skyrim. The cowardly Elves fled before the Nords' wrath and Skyrim was ours.

Vigrod Wraithbane: What did you find in the vault?
Hero: The Reachmen have stolen Wuuthrad!
Vigrod Wraithbane: It's as I feared, then. Wuuthrad is the only weapon that we know can send Sinmur back to Oblivion. Trolls take every one of them!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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