Smoke on the Horizon [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Smoke on the Horizon Boulderfall Pass has been attacked by Sinmur and the Reachmen. The soldiers defending this area need my help. Captain Jardirr leapt into the fighting at Boulderfall, hoping to save as many soldiers as she could. Shes now missing. I've been asked to ease some of the pressure from the Pact troops. Some of them may know where she is.


Save Soldiers from the Reachmen

Centurion Gjakil: Blood for the Pact! Good to see you again. Centurion. What's happened here?
Hero: What is this place?
Centurion Gjakil: Sinmur. The giant led the Reachmen from Shor's Stone. Arrived just in time to see the Watch Captain throw herself into the fray. I need to restore order here. Can we press you into service again?
Hero: Aye.
Centurion Gjakil: Your first priority: get pressure off the troops. Get out there and put steel or spell to those Reachmen bastards. We need to push them back and regroup.
Hero: What then?
Centurion Gjakil: If Jardirr lives, she'll be up for a commendation. If she dies, I'll box her ears in Sovngarde!
Hero: [Persuade] Lots of Lurchers out there.
Centurion Gjakil: Well, Murmurs-to-Trees has been working on a ward to use against them. He's just down the stairs, go ask him about it.
Hero: Thanks. I'll do that.
Centurion Gjakil: If Jardirr lives, she'll be up for a commendation. If she dies, I'll box her ears in Sovngarde!
Hero: What is this place?
Centurion Gjakil: A pass cuts through the hills here, straight into the Smokefrost Peaks. Normally comes out just north of Riften. When a giant hasn't collapsed the hillside.
Hero: Sinmur collapsed the pass?
Centurion Gjakil: Aye. No easy way to get through here, send word to Riften. With what's happened over at Fort Greenwall, we're almost cut off here. Hmm. We'll have to get the fires lit.
Hero: Fires?
Centurion Gjakil: Aye. There's a tower on the hill near here. Great big horker of a bonfire set up, with wood treated all special. Light that fire and the whole Rift will see the smoke. Put everyone on alert.

Captain Jardirr: Reach dogs will think twice before crossing blades with me again.
Hero: Are you all right, captain?
Captain Jardirr: I'll survive. I can't say the same for all of my men. Wait. Who in Oblivion are you?
Hero: I'm a friend. I was sent from the outpost by ...
Captain Jardirr: That's all I need to know. Look, I need to get these men to safety. You, I need back in the field.
Hero: What do you need me to do?
Captain Jardirr: Up the hill here is a bloody great signal fire. Specially treated wood. When it burns, the smoke it sends up will be visible all the way in Windhelm. Get out there and warn the Rift. Go!
Hero: I'll get it done.
Captain Jardirr: I cut down a Reach dog, and saw the smoke column reflected in his dead eyes. Nice work, ya great horker.
Hero: Reporting in, captain.
Captain Jardirr: Wish we could have tossed Reachmen into the fire. Burn them like cordwood, add a little color to the smoke! Hah!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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