Shades of Green [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 30

Text of the Quest:

The Shade of Prince Naemon is spreading corruption across Greenshade. I must help Indaenir cleanse the corruption. I should visit Driladan Pass, Verrant Morass, and Dread Vullain and try to cleanse those areas.

Bodring: I wish this victory didn't feel so hollow. Other than keeping the undead at bay, it seems there's little we can do to battle this darkness. We are here to support you and Indaenir though, if you need us. Are you going to rejoin him now?
Hero: I don't know where he is. He said he would find me.
Bodring: That's Indaenir for you—always trying to shoulder all the burden himself. We can't let him get away with that though. There's whispers that Naemon's actually been raised as a lich, and if that's the case, Indaenir's definitely going to need you.
Hero: Where did you hear this about Naemon becoming a lich?
Bodring: One of the Spinners said Naemon was a lich and was at Hectahame. You and Indaenir should go there too when time allows. For now though, Indaenir's bound to be in Verrant Morass or Dread Vullain. You should catch up with him—he needs you.
Hero: All right. I'll go look for Indaenir.
Bodring: Indaenir's a real piece of work, isn't he? I always thought he was half-mad. They say he has "the Green" in his blood, but most things that man does, I just don't understand. Recently though. I've realized just how fortunate we are to have him.
Hero: Where did Indaenir come from?
Bodring: Mad as he is, I thought he came from the Bramblebreach Clan, but some said it was Woodhearth. Truth is, no one knows. Even heard he was raised by an old Graht Oak, cradled in its roots, weaned on the dew from its leaves. He's a mystery, all right.

Queen Ayrenn: Auri-EI grant me strength. I hope you're the one Indaenir spoke of.
Hero: Probably so. I'm here to help.
Queen Ayrenn: Thank the Eight. The army here is greater than we anticipated.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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