Scouting the Mine [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Scouting the Mine Tovisa wants help at Northwind Mine. The Reachmen have taken over the mine and we need to find out why. Tovisa let herself get captured to infiltrate the camp. I need to look around the camp for information. She gave me a Reachman outfit as a disguise.


Investigate Camp

Tovisa: We've got trouble here. The Reachmen have taken over the Northwind Mine up ahead.
Hero: Why?
Tovisa: That's what I need to find out. We have to get into their camp. This isn't the same tribe we saw in Shor's Stone. No telling what they're doing. Lots of corpses coming out of the mine. That can't be good.
Hero: What's your plan?
Tovisa: I'll get myself captured, see what the prisoners know. You look for clues in the camp. Take this uniform. Put it on and you should be able to move around camp unmolested.
Hero: Sounds like fun.

Prisoner Gnarled-Root: They're all doomed, and I'm next!
Hero: What happened to the other prisoners?
Prisoner Gnarled-Root: Taken below, all of them. Tovisa tried to escape, but they took her too. They'll be mutilated and murdered, like all the others. You must save them.
Hero: I'll go right away.
Prisoner Gnarled-Root: Do not worry about me. Save the ones in the mine.
Hero: [Intimidate] If you have anything that can help me in the mine, I need it.
Prisoner Gnarled-Root: I have only this ward that I hid from the guards. It's all I have to save me from the Hagravens. Please don't take it from me.
Hero: Sorry, but I'll need it inside the mine. Give it to me.

Tovisa: Who are you? Don't touch me!
Hero: Tovisa! What have they done to you? Goodbye.
Tovisa: No, please, get away! Who—it's you. Don't look at me. Don't touch me. The bastards, the Hagravens, they took my eyes! Sucked them out of my skull! I can't... what they did to me! Make them pay—kill them, rip their eyes out!
Hero: You'll have your revenge, Tovisa!
Tovisa: I never had a chance. They drugged us. Then the Hagraven came. Its breath on my face! It sucked out my eyes. I'll never see again.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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