Scavenging for a Scarab [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 41

Text of the Quest:

Scavenging for a Scarab I have run into a strange man called who was injured. He asked me to search Imperials for documents which are important. I should search soldiers, dead or alive, for important documents. Once I find them I can bring them to Mazrahil the Sly Scarab.


Collect Imperial Orders

Mazrahil the Scarab: Pardon my manners, I can't rise to bow. I'm afraid I'm not as spry as I was. Won't be for a while.
Hero: What happened to you?
Mazrahil the Scarab: I tried to infiltrate the Imperial camp ... falsify their orders ... wanted to send them far from here. It was a great plan but flawed, for I am not the man I once was. Idle days have stolen my strength. I fled into the rocks after I was wounded.
Hero: Infiltrating camps? Falsifying orders? Who are you?
Mazrahil the Scarab: They once called me the Sly Scarab, but my given name is Mazrahil. Other questions must wait—those orders are of paramount importance. If you get them, I can hobble unnoticed to the ruins below the gate and await you there. Will you help me?
Hero: I'll look for the Imperial orders.
Mazrahil the Scarab: Imperials and beetles both have surly dispositions and sharp implements, but you must persevere. The future of Bangkorai may rest on your shoulders! Once I catch my breath, I'll meet you at the ruins below the Craglorn gate.
Hero: What were you doing out here?
Mazrahil the Scarab: I have a dead drop at the base of the Craglorn Gates. No one has left the Scarab a note for years, but I always check. Old habits, yes? Anyway, I saw the smoke from the road and decided to investigate.
Hero: Where do you think they came from?
Mazrahil the Scarab: I suspect that after Hallin's Stand was liberated they decided Old Tower was a solid and defensible position. Only Tall Papa knows why they refuse to leave Bangkorai entirely. There must be something in Hammerfell that they want.
Hero: Why are these orders so important?
Mazrahil the Scarab: These Imperial dogs are creatures of routine. They'd likely die of starvation if a dining schedule weren't posted outside the company's mess. But we can count on them to follow orders without question.
Hero: So your falsified orders will send them back to Cyrodiil?
Mazrahil the Scarab: They should. I'm a fair hand at forgery, if I do say so myself. These should do the trick, all right.
Hero: I'll see what I can do.
Mazrahil the Scarab: Hurry. I saw them burnishing their weapons and armor while I crept through their camp. I think they intend to march soon.

Mazrahil the Scarab: Fast and effective! Onsi has blessed me with a capable ally in my time of need. Now let's take a look at what you've found, and we'll learn if fortune continues to favor us today.
Hero: What do the documents say?
Mazrahil the Scarab: The Seventh Legion soldiers here have been ordered to find and loot the Dwarven city of Volenfell for an ancient device their Chancellor seeks. I've forged new orders that will send them back to Cyrodiil instead, but they lack an official seal.
Hero: How can we get one?
Mazrahil the Scarab: I hope you mean, how can you get one! If you can find an Imperial Officer's Signet, that will serve the purpose. They're carried by legion officers, of which there are two, Lieutenant Corvinus and Lieutenant Voteporix, at this camp.
Hero: What do I do after that?
Mazrahil the Scarab: Here are the phony orders. Just place them into the dispatch chest in the command tent by the tower, with the Imperial Officer's Signet folded inside them. If you can make this work, we'll send those legionnaires back to where they came from.
Hero: I'll plant the false orders after I secure the Imperial Officer's Signet.

Mazrahil the Scarab: Glad one of us is still nimble. I couldn't get any further up the slope than this. In the confusion of your violent entry and exit, they won't notice their papers were disturbed. Sometimes rowdy is better than sly.
Hero: You seem quite sure of that.
Mazrahil the Scarab: Of course! And because of your actions here, they will never find the magic weapon Chancellor Tharn wants. That's good news for the Covenant—and possibly for all of Tamriel. Why, we're heroes! Heh heh.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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