Scars Never Fade [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 17

Text of the Quest:

Scars Never Fade Dominion soldiers erected barricades around a tribe of Argonian refugees living in . needs help resolving the Argonians situation. Officer Parwinel was surprisingly sympathetic to the Argonians situation. I should speak with her further about what she needs done.


Talk to Officer Parwinel

Officer Parwinel: Are you here about the refugees? I've already explained this to three inspectors from Elden Root. Until their status is resolved, the Argonians are to remain within the enclosure.
Hero: Argonians? What's going on here?
Officer Parwinel: Praise Y'ffre, someone who isn't going on about Argonian spies! Last year, this tribe arrived in Grahtwood as refugees. But because we're all part of the Dominion now, my superiors can't decide what to do with them.
Hero: Could they be spying on the Dominion?
Officer Parwinel: Absolutely not. This entire tribe was enslaved by Dark Elves. They have more reason to hate the Ebonheart Pact than you or I. But someone in Elden Root decides to set an example, and now there are barricades. It's why I need outside help.
Officer Parwinel: Here's a list of the tribe's leaders. I need to know why they refuse to speak with us. Unless my report says they're cooperating, my superiors have an excuse to exile them.
Hero: I'll see what I can learn.
Officer Parwinel: Soldiers and barricades aren't exactly a welcoming feast. But unless the Argonians are willing to speak with us, they won't stay in Grahtwood for much longer.
Hero: What can you tell me of the tribe's leaders?
Officer Parwinel: Uta-Tei is some kind of spiritual leader. Friendly sort. Slim-Jah fishes for a living, with eyes as cold and dead as her catches. As for No-Fingers? I have no idea what he does, but the tribe respects him.
Hero: Are the Thalmor normally in charge of soldiers?
Officer Parwinel: No. As a justiciar, the Thalmor Inner Council directs me to investigate and enforce Dominion law. They've never given me soldiers. Without an armed encampment, the Argonians might have trusted me. But that's not how they see it in Elden Root.

Uta-Tei: Welcome. What brings you to the Gray Mire?
Hero: I'm passing through.
Uta-Tei: Then you're a wandering soul, much like our tribe was? Without the gracious Wood Elves, we would still roam Tamriel in search of a new home. Once the Dominion understand the depth to our gratitude, I'm certain they'll remove the barricades.
Hero: Can I ask you a few questions?
Uta-Tei: Please, ask me anything.
Hero: What do you think of the Dominion?
Uta-Tei: The Dominion capital is the Wood Elf city of Elden Root. The bulk of its armies are Wood Elf soldiers. I see no difference between the Dominion and our Wood Elf benefactors.
Hero: What about the barricades around your village?
Uta-Tei: The tribe's leadership will soon meet to discuss this matter. Some fear the Dominion plan to enslave us, as the Dark Elves once did. I hope to put this absurdity to rest. You're welcome to attend the meeting, wanderer. We have nothing to hide.
Hero: How did your tribe end up in Grahtwood?
Uta-Tei: We were slaves to Dark Elves for generations. When the Ebonheart Pact formed, we refused to fight beside our former captors. They called us traitors and banished us from our lands. We roamed Tamriel for years, and only stopped when we reached Grahtwood.
Hero: Why did you settle here?
Uta-Tei: We asked the Wood Elves here for temporary shelter. Instead, they gave us the Gray Mire! All they asked was that we work the land and set aside some of our fish. For this, we must always be grateful.
Hero: What is your role in this tribe?
Uta-Tei: In Black Marsh I was a tree-minder. I tended the Hist, the great trees of our people. Here I will become a spinner, to speak with the trees of Grahtwood. I will lead my people to Y'ffre, the Wood Elf god of the forest.
Hero: Why do you want to become a spinner?
Uta-Tei: We've always thought that without the Hist, there can be no hatchlings. But with Y'ffre's guidance, I will find a way. Think of it. Argonians native to Grahtwood, to our new way of life. Proud citizens of the Dominion which Queen Ayrenn hopes to build.

No-Fingers: This Argonian matches the description of No-Fingers, one of the tribe's leaders. He appears to be sleeping.
Hero: Hello? Are you No-Fingers?
No-Fingers: The Argonian doesn't respond. He remains fast asleep.
Hero: Nudge No-Fingers with your foot.
No-Fingers: Nothing happens. He appears to be a very heavy sleeper.
Hero: Find another way to wake No-Fingers.

No-Fingers: I was dreaming of speckled fish. Now I'm hungry and wet. Explain yourself.
Hero: I need to ask you a few questions.
No-Fingers: Despite what you may have heard, a bucket of water to the face isn't a traditional Argonian greeting. But I'm not one to stand on ceremony. What's on your mind?
Hero: What do you think of the Dominion?
No-Fingers: As long as I can raise my guar and sleep in the shade, I don't care who rules this land. We want to live in peace, as a free people. If the Dominion supports us, then I support the Dominion.
Hero: What if they don't support you?
No-Fingers: I'd find somewhere else to sleep in the shade. Some of the rough skins in this village might not see it the same way. I wouldn't go throwing buckets of water on them. You might lose a finger.
Hero: I'll keep that in mind.
No-Fingers: The meeting! I nearly slept through it. Uta-Tei wants to discuss the grumbling about the barricades. You should come, see how we govern ourselves.
Hero: Why are you called No-Fingers?
No-Fingers: i've roamed from one end of Tamriel to the other, handling vicious beasts along the way. In all that time, I've never lost a finger. But the moment I call myself "Lost-No-Fingers," a guar will tear off my arm.
Hero: What is your role in this tribe?
No-Fingers: When my tribe left the Black Marsh, we brought along our native wildlife. None wanted the job so I took charge. I prefer beasts to people. More pragmatic, less complicated, and you always know when one plans to eat you.
Hero: How does that make you a leader?
No-Fingers: It doesn't. But when you're the one who keeps the wamasu calm, nobody gets on your bad side. Ha! I had you. The tribe sees one who remains calm in the face of danger, and with this comes respect. Simple as that.

Slim-Jah: Begone, outsider. You have no place here.
Hero: Can I ask you some questions?
Slim-Jah: I speak with warriors, not spoiled eggs.
Hero: [Persuade] Forgive me. I didn't mean to offend someone of your stature.
Slim-Jah: Your words are drenched in honey. How far do you stick your tongue up the beehive? Very well. Ask your questions.
Hero: What is your role in this tribe?
Slim-Jah: I hunt and I fish. I do it better than the rest. The others respect my strength. This tribe has forgotten how to survive. You want to know my role? I remind them what we left behind.
Hero: What do you mean?
Slim-Jah: No matter how far this tribe wanders, they will always bathe Elven boots with theirtongues. Dark Elves, High Elves ... a Nord with pointed ears would do. But some of us fought our slavemasters. When they forget, I remind them.
Hero: You think the Dominion are slavemasters?
Slim-Jah: By Dominion you mean Queen Ayrenn. She's like any Dark Elf matron, but her lash is an army of Thalmor lackies. The Wood Elves and Khajiit are the worst kind of slaves. They'll pave her road to victory with their own blood, and thank her for the privilege.
Hero: So you aren't in favor of the Dominion?
Slim-Jah: Enough questions. Uta-Tei called a meeting to discuss the barricades. If you're so eager to learn my thoughts, you should attend.

No-Fingers: I knew of Slim-Jah's anger, but to murder Uta-Tei? Madness.
Hero: Why would Slim-Jah do this?
No-Fingers: Didn't you hear her? She leapt crest-first from the cliffs of madness. The anger has burned a hole through her good sense. Killing Uta-Tei must be part of a larger plan.
Hero: What do you mean?
No-Fingers: Slim-Jah was once a Shadowscale, a holy assassin feared throughout Black Marsh. To sanction Uta-Tei as she did was a signal. Her hunters will lie in wait for whatever conies next. They'll fight to the death, so ... we need to fight harder.
Hero: You want me to help kill Slim-Jah's hunters?
No-Fingers: If one Dominion soldier dies at the hands of these fools, my entire tribe will pay for it. So yes, we need to kill them, if it isn't too much trouble. But have no fear. Comes-When-Called can help you track them down.
Hero: Who is Comes-When-Called?
No-Fingers: The tiny guar sniffing at your ankle. Don't worry, it means he likes you. Sweep the beach camps for Slim-Jah's hunters. I'll round up a few trusted friends and check the forest camps. We'll meet at the old sea cave west of the Gray Mire.
Hero: All right. I'll meet you there.
No-Fingers: We should hurry. If any of Slim-Jah's hunters attack Dominion soldiers, my tribe is doomed.
Hero: How can Comes-When-Called help me find Slim-Jah's hunters?
No-Fingers: I trained the little one to work with the hunters. He's quite familiar with their scent. If they're around, he'll be happy to lead you to them. The hunters? Less happy.

No-Fingers: You're still breathing. Good! Breathing is good. Slim-Jah is deeper in the sea cave. She's trying to gain control of Mother Lightning. If she manages this, the Dominion soldiers won't stand a chance.
Hero: What is Mother Lightning?
IMo-Fingers: The giant lizards with lightning in their teeth are wamasu. Mother Lightning laid their eggs and nurtured them to hatching. Everything about her is twice their size. It pains me to say, but you'll need to put her down when you kill Slim-Jah.
Hero: Why do you want me to do this?
IMo-Fingers: I was once a Shadowscale, just like Slim-Jah. For me to kill her without sanction would be true heresy. I've lived my life without angering the Night Mother, and I'd rather not start now. But my friend Eager-Teeth has no such restriction.
Hero: Is Eager-Teeth a guar?
No-Fingers: Yes, the one chewing on that hunter's spine. She's a fiesty one! I'll return to the village and chase away the wamasu. If they sense Mother Lightning is in danger, they might stampede through the Gray Mire.
Hero: All right. I'll take care of Slim-Jah and Mother Lightning.
No-Fingers: Good luck, friend. But with Eager-Teeth by your side, you shouldn't have much trouble.
Hero: What is a Shadowscale?
No-Fingers: Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow are special. Some are taken at birth and trained as assassins. We follow the god Sithis, and through his consort-wife we receive sanctioned kills. I shouldn't say "we." That life is long behind me.
Hero: Why did you leave?
No-Fingers: Slim-Jah and I first came to this tribe as liberators. But for every Argonian we freed, the Dark Elves tortured ten. I refused to cause more pain for my people. When the tribe was exiled, I remained as a protector. But I was too slow to protect Uta-Tei.

No-Fingers: You're back! You stopped Slim-Jah, then? Oh, no. Eager-Teeth didn't survive, did she?
Hero: She didn't survive the battle.
No-Fingers: I see. You'll be missed, Eager-Teeth. But this is no time to mourn. Officer Parwinel grows impatient with our tribe. Perhaps if you were to calm the waters, she would leave us be?
Hero: Why do you want me to speak for your tribe?
No-Fingers: None of the others will speak with her. They fear she'll find out about the fighting, so they cling to silence and hope I make it all go away. But I'm a terrible liar! There's no way I could disguise Uta-Tei and Slim-Jah's absence.
Hero: You want me to lie about what happened?
No-Fingers: I don't want the tribe forced out of its home. These people ... my people ... they found hope in the Gray Mire. I don't want it wrenched away from them due to Slim-Jah's foolish actions. If I may ask, what will you tell her?
Hero: I'll do what I think is right.
No-Fingers: As you should. I just hope what you think is right is what's best for my tribe.

Officer Parwinel: My scouts reported sounds of battle along the beaches. This forces my hand. If I can't explain this immediately, my superiors will hear about this and assume the worst. I need you to tell me what's going on in the Gray Mire.
Hero: Some of the Argonians planned to attack your soldiers.
Officer Parwinel: Where are they?
Hero: They're dead. I stopped them.
Officer Parwinel: Good. It seems I have little choice. If there are rebellious elements in the Gray Mire, I have to recommend the tribe be exiled.
Hero: [Persuade] Why? The tribe wants to live here in peace. Those who disagreed are now dead.
Officer Parwinel: If you can assure me these people can be trusted, I'll push for them to remain. But if you have any doubts, speak plainly.
Hero: The Dominion has nothing to fear from these people.
Officer Parwinel: Then that's all I need for my report. My superiors won't be happy, but I'm sure they'll get used to the idea eventually. Thank you for seeing the truth of the matter. I hope to have those wretched wooden barricades down within the month.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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