Risen From the Depths [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 32

Text of the Quest:

Risen From the Depths The Sentinel Docks are have been overrun with undead and the guards dont appear to be doing anything in response. I told Captain Marck I would try to find out whats going on. I should explore the docks to see if I can find any guards.


Find a Sentinel Docks Guard


Captain Albert Marck: Of all the ports in Tamriel, why this one? I sailed all the way across the Iliac Bay and I need a glass of grog! I've shared a drink with some unsavory characters, but I draw the line at zombies. I think I'll stay off the docks for now.
Hero: Zombies on the docks?
Captain Albert Marck: You can't smell their soggy, rotting flesh? Just walk down the causeway there, you'll see them—a damned army of them. Question is, why aren't the Sentinel guards doing anything?
Hero: Maybe they're all dead.
Captain Albert Marck: Nah. I've seen a few of the bootless louts skulking around, behind crates and such .... Someone needs to go grab one of the guards and ask what in Oblivion's going on here. You up for it?
Hero: Sure. I'll try to find out what's going on.
Captain Albert Marck: There you go. Give the guards a kick and tell them to get to work. I've got cargo to unload. If the guards can't help us, look for the dockmaster. Maybe he's got half a brain ... unless the zombies have eaten it, of course.

Watchman Maujad: You might want to get back on your boat, seafarer. The dead are crawling from the sea and they have overtaken the docks. There is nothing to be done. We just have to pray to Tu'whacca that they wander away.
Hero: Why aren't you fighting the zombies?
Watchman Maujad: Zombies? Such a crude term! These Ra-Netu are the remains of sailors who shipwrecked off the coast! We respect our dead here in the Alik'r desert! Even those who died at sea are honored ancestors. We do not fight them—we would be cursed!
Hero: Will I be cursed for fighting them?
Watchman Maujad: No. You are an outsider. These are not your ancestors, and as such there is no dishonor in striking them down, no curse. But the fact that the dead have risen at all ... it is terrible. We have strict laws ... this should not happen here!
Hero: How did it happen?
Watchman Maujad: I do not know ... and I fear we have only made the situation worse. We thought we could contain them ... we built barricades and tried to herd them away but... it was to no avail. Now I fear, we are in even greater danger.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Watchman Maujad: My fellow guards will not strike the Ra-Netu either—Jessmyn, Pierjean, and Emydal—I fear for their lives. Please, find them and send them away, then meet at the warehouse. The dockmaster hides there, and he may know the cause of all this.
Hero: All right. I'll help the other guards and then meet you at the warehouse.

Watchman Jessmyn: Please! No! Go away! They're going to find me! I don't want to die!
Hero: Are you all right?
Watchman Jessmyn: No! None of us are! The Ra-Netu are going to kill us all! It is not fair! I am too young to die ... I just want to run, to run away ....
Hero: Go then. The way is clear.

Watchman Emydal: Morwha's mercy! What have I done? I was just trying to defend myself, and now I have committed the greatest dishonor and brought a curse down upon my family!
Hero: What happened?
Watchman Emydal: This Ra-Netu caught me! He was trying to bite me, to eat me! I tried to fend him off, but he jerked and his head ran against my blade—it wasn't my fault! What am I going to do now?
Hero: I suggest you start by leaving this area.
Watchman Emydal: But what about stopping the Ra-Netu from getting into the city? What about the other guards? I cannot simply abandon them ... can I?
Hero: I'll take care of those things. You go.

Watchman Pierjeanl: Great Ruptga, if this be not your will, send me a sign .... Wait... who are you? What are you doing here?
Hero: I'm here to help you.
Watchman Pierjeanl: Blood and honor! I have always had faith, but never have I... you are here to fight the Ra-Netu? Praise Ruptga! I was prepared to dishonor myself, but he sent you ... I will go then. Gods be with you, my friend. Is the way clear?
Hero: The way is clear. Go on.

Dockmaster Bahir: Finally! Someone who's not afraid to do the dirty work. Someone to clean up my docks! I watched you from the window until I heard those necromancers downstairs. But I thought Maujad was coming here too—did you see him?
Hero: Maujad is dead.
Dockmaster Bahir: Damn. The poor bastard. I told them ... I told the guards that they were going to have to fight back. It is one thing to be superstitious, but when the Ra-Netu are attacking the city? It's time to put the superstitions aside.
Hero: You don't believe as they do?
Dockmaster Bahir: No. We're not all so hung up on our beliefs. Can't ignore the tradition though ... not unless we want fruit thrown at us, or worse. Regardless, right now I'm just glad Tava's winds guided you here—someone to get the Ra-Netu off the damn docks!
Hero: I will if I can. Do you know a way?
Dockmaster Bahir: I do. I overheard the necromancers. Their leader is calling the dead from the sea with some kind of dark ritual. If you can disrupt the ritual, the dead should ... well, they should drop dead, or at least stop crawling out of the water.
Hero: Where are they conducting this ritual?
Dockmaster Bahir: That I do not know. I heard them mention the warehouse at the west end of the docks. Maybe the ritual is there? Wherever it is, you have to stop it. Then tell Captain Zafira. Tava be with you.

Watch Captain Zafira: The Ra-Netu have returned to the sea. The docks will soon smell of dead fish again instead of dead people. And you! Right off the boat and you slay the necromancer? Surely Tu'whacca sent you to deliver us from this ... difficult situation.
Hero: I'm glad I was able to help.
Watch Captain Zafira: I am too. it has been many years since the plague of necromancy visited our shores. Though I am relieved the docks are clear, the events of this day are extremely disturbing.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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