Rendezvous at the Pass [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 40

Text of the Quest:

Rendezvous at the Pass High King Emeric has arrived with the Lion Guard to help retake Bangkorai Garrison from the Imperial forces. I should travel to Bangkorai Pass and look for Scout Nadira.


High King Emeric: I've just been informed of what's happened at Bangkorai Garrison. It seems my timing is impeccable as ever. So you're the one who's been helping my cousin Arzhela hold the kingdom together?
Hero: I've helped however I could. Your Majesty.
High King Emeric: Of course, and now you'll have some help. I've brought as many Lion Guard as I could muster. We were hoping to spill some Reachman blood for old times' sake, but the Imperials will suffice. Are you ready to retake the garrison, then?
Hero: Of course. I'm yours to command.
High King Emeric: Excellent. I'll organize our forces and march to Bangkorai Pass within the hour. I've already sent scouts to assess the Imperials' defenses. If you get there before me, look for Scout Nadira. We can finalize our plans when we're all there.
Hero: I'll look for Scout Nadira at Bangkorai Pass.

Scout Nadira: I have been watching out for you. It must be quite an honor to have the high king awaiting your arrival. King Emeric thought you would be here ahead of him, but he has waited for you nonetheless.
Hero: How long has the king been here?
Scout Nadira: Not terribly long, but long enough that he has formulated a plan of attack. This plan requires someone to take quite a bit of risk. I tried to volunteer for the duty, but he insists that you be the one, so I wish you good luck, my friend.
Hero: Nevermind.

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