Oath of Excision [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Reaper's March
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

The Vinedusk Rangers are under siege by an invading Colovian force. Theyve offered me a chance to join the fight. I should speak with Captain Odreth, the leader of the Vinedusk Rangers, who can tell me how I can help his unit out.

Scout Mengaer: A friendly face! Great day for an invasion, isn't it?
Hero: You're being invaded?
Scout Mengaer: Oh, yes! An elite division of the Colovian army. Isn't it lovely? Took us by surprise and everything. I caught these bastards trying to sneak around the side. Such fun.
Hero: You don't seem too worried. Goodbye.
Scout Mengaer: We're the Vinedusk Rangers! We fear no one! Truth be told, there's still a lot to do. Want to pitch in? Talk to the Captain. Odreth is in the command tree, center of the village.
Hero: I'll speak to Captain Odreth.

Captain Odreth: Damned Colovians. They pick the most inconvenient times to get brave. Soldier? Report.
Hero: One of your scouts told me you could use some help? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: I suppose that's so. The Rangers are spread thin across the Dominion and into Cyrodiil. Damned Colovians wouldn't have been able to take us at all if we were at full strength.
Hero: Where do you want me? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: We have a two-pronged counterattack prepared. We're going to burn the Colovians out of the village, then take them by surprise in their camp. I'd like you to help one of my aides prep for our first attack.
Hero: Just tell me what to do. Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: Talk to Glooredel, our alchemical engineer. Her lab is at the base of the tree. She'll fill you in on the plan. Meanwhile, I'll work with Herdor in preparation for our second assault.
Hero: Very well. I'll talk to Glooredel.
Captain Odreth: I should warn you, Gloo is a little ... odd. But she's a damned genius when it comes to alchemy.
Hero: Can you tell me more about the Vinedusk Rangers?
Captain Odreth: Why, we're a merry band of peacekeepers! We focus on diplomacy and matters of the soul. Yeah, right. We're an elite band of soldiers. The forest's own shock troops.
Hero: Why was the outfit formed? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: ln the old days, before the Dominion, our woods lore was the only advantage we had over the other races. Khajiit can see in the dark better than we can. High Elves have always been better spellslingers than we have.
Hero: So you're elite scouts? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: At one point, yes. Over the years the Rangers have evolved. Now we take on tasks of all kinds. Assassination, espionage—you name it. "You may cut the stalk, but you can't kill a vine." That's us.
Hero: The plan is to burn the village? What about the villagers?
Captain Odreth: Every person here took an oath. They'd rather die than be captured. If you want to save some, you're welcome to it. But every soul out there should know the cost of war.
Hero: You don't care that you're burning your village? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: What, this place? No. This isn't the first Vinedusk Village, my friend. Won't be the last. That's the nice thing about growing your barracks. Always somewhere new to live.
Hero: What about the trees? Don't Wood Elves revere them? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: What about them? Look, the forest is great. Don't get me wrong. And we try to honor the Green where we can. But this is war, damn it. If a few trees are burned to make the enemy pay, they burn.
Hero: Why are you so annoyed about the Colovians?
Captain Odreth: Whenever we grow a new Vinedusk Village, we make use of our surroundings. The Ayleid ruins nearby? They're currently playing host to the remains of our revered founder, Nendaer the Ironbark. Damned Collies are camped right on top of him.
Hero: How were they able to set up a camp on top of your village? Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: We face the Vlastarus Cohort, supposedly the best troops in the Colovian army. They splintered off from the main attacking force at Arenthia specifically to take us out of commission. Kind of flattering when you think of it.

Glooredel: i'd shake your hand, but it's covered in steaming shalk guts. But by Baan Dar, why not? Put her there!
Hero: No thanks. I think I'm supposed to help you burn down the village? Goodbye.
Glooredel: Bless his heart. I knew the Captain would send me some help. Never seen you before. Perfect. You can do the dangerous—I mean, the exciting part of the operation!
Hero: What do you need me to do? Goodbye.
Glooredel: When we grow the village, it expands out from a common root system. We can use those roots to burn the whole place at once. I've concocted an alchemical admixture with shalk guts and fire salts. Should do the trick.
Hero: What do I do with the admixture?
Glooredel: Every home in the village has an urn, where sap from the root system comes up into the building. Pour the admixture into the urns and they should light. Then meet me at my workshop. We'll blast the roots and the whole village will go up!
Hero: I'll see it done.
Glooredel: You're going to do great! Just, whatever you do, don't... err. You know what? I forget. Probably wasn't important. Meet me at my workshop, northwest edge of the village, when you're done.
Hero: You grow your village?
Glooredel: Right as rain! A few of our mages are accomplished Greenspeakers. When we move to a new area, they plant the seeds and perform the rituals. Within a few days ... new village!
Hero: And the roots are all entwined below ground? Goodbye.
Glooredel: You are paying attention. Nice! Most don't. Yes, the trees all grow together. They take waste and such into the roots, to keep the village healthy. And they deliver the hot sap into every hut to keep them warm.
Hero: Why are you so ready to burn the village?
Glooredel: It's a Vinedusk thing. We risk our lives every day. We do the things others can't—or won't—do. Compared to some missions I've run, burning a few huts doesn't seem like much.
Hero: Odreth made it seem like it was about pride. Goodbye.
Glooredel: It is about pride, for the Captain. We were attacked in our barracks. That is where we train. We don't mind moving the village, but we don't like it. I think Odreth is just a little embarrassed. Colovians, taking us by surprise. Pah!
Hero: Isn't this plan punishing to the trees?
Glooredel: 0hf the Green Pact? Yeah, we don't worry too much about that sort of thing out here—though I know a lot of my relatives down in Valenwood would weep to hear me say it. I've even had a salad. There, I said it! And I liked it!
Hero: Why isn't it a consideration for you?
Glooredel: You're asking me why we don't give a spit about plants—in a warzone? If the other alliances knew all they had to do was grow trees to defend their forts We would have already lost Cyrodiil, I'm sure.

Glooredel: Done already?
Hero: The houses are lit. Goodbye.
Glooredel: Nice work. Fast. Good. We'll catch even more of them unawares.
Hero: Is everything ready in here? Goodbye.
Glooredel: Yup! I'll even let you light it! Just use this torch. We should be safe in here. Mostly, anyway. Outside? It's going to be a fiery mess. It'll be glorious!
Hero: I'll light the flame, then.

Captain Odreth: Looks like the plan was a success. Despite the collateral damage. Such is life, soldier.
Hero: I'm sorry we couldn't save them. Goodbye.
Captain Odreth: Our families knew the risk of living with us. I've warned them about this. But some soldiers still don't understand the cost of war.
Hero: What now? itain Odreth
Captain Odreth: You've bought us some time and taken out a significant portion of the Colovian forces. Now it's our turn to strike back.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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