Northpoint in Peril [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 29

Text of the Quest:

Lleraya Montclair and her forces have taken control of Northpoint. Theyve sealed the gates and locked out the legitimate city guards. But Baron Dorell has a plan to liberate Northpoint. It just requires a small group willing to infiltrate the city. Skordo asked me to locate Darien Gautier. He should be somewhere around the farmsteads. He may have information about whats going on inside the sealed city.


Find Darien Gautier


Count Verandis Ravenwatch: While I continue my research, you should head to Northpoint. Gwendis caught wind of Lleraya in that area, and I had her direct Dorell and Tamrith to take their troops north. I'm sure they'd appreciate any help you can provide.
Hero: What can you tell me about Northpoint?
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: Baron Dorell considers Northpoint to be his seat of power. He has a number of holdings there, including a lucrative maritime endeavor. It makes sense that Montclair would send Lleraya there. If they control Northpoint, they control the north.
Hero: Should I look for anyone in particular when I get to Northpoint?
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: Gwendis reported that Northpoint has been sealed. I fear Montclair already controls the city. Find Baron Dorell. He commands the troops amassing outside the city. I'm sure he has a plan in motion. Talk to the Baron and see what you can do to help.
Hero: I'll find Baron Dorell.
Count Verandis Ravenwatch: I expect that Baron Dorell and his troops will have found a good vantage point outside the city. While you help them liberate Northpoint, I'll continue to study the Ayleid book we discovered.

Baron Alard Dorell: Nice of you to finally join us. Those damn Montclairs have locked me out of my own city! If any of my people have been hurt, I'll kill Montclair and his daughter with my bare hands.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Baron Alard Dorell: You know how to get things done. Join up with Skordo and help him find a way into the city. I'll keep the troops on alert and ready to move on your signal. Why would they take over IMorthpoint? Do you know who's commanding Montclair's forces?
Hero: Where should I look for Skordo?
Baron Alard Dorell: Northpoint is an important trading center, with many House Dorell holdings. Whoever controls the city controls the northern region of Rivenspire. If I were Oblivion-bent on conquering the area, it's certainly what I would do.

Skordothe Knife: Well, kiss a troll and call me pumpkin! I know you! From Shornhelm! Did Baron Dorell send you? I was the Ore. In the cage. Not my most shining moment, but it's not like I'm a noble or anything. No matter. I'm just glad you're here.
Hero: Why are you dressed as a Montclair soldier?
Skordothe Knife: It's a disguise! What's wrong? Don't you like it? Is my helmet on crooked or something? We're going to sneak into Northpoint. Not usually my approach, but Countess Tamrith and Darien helped us get this far.
Hero: Where is Darien?
Skordothe Knife: No idea. He went to scout around and hasn't come back yet. So far, we've learned that the patrols outside the city consist of untrained fighters with orders to keep people away. Only the officers seem to know what's going on inside.
Hero: Have you found a way to get inside yet?
Skordothe Knife: I suggested busting a hole in the wall, but the Countess decided we should save that as a last resort. Darien went out to search while we took care of the farmers. They came to us for help, and you know how the Countess feels about refugees ....

Sergeant Nunier: Do your worst, lackey to a foreign crown! I won't tell you anything!
Hero: Won't you at least tell me your rank?
Sergeant Nunier: Well, I guess that would be all right. I am a guard of the first order, a member of the Bloodtalon Cloaks of House Montclair. More than that, you won't get out of me. Why did Lleraya seal off Northgate?
Hero: [Intimidate] Which is your sword hand, soldier?
Sergeant Nunier: Why could that possibly matter?
Hero: [Intimidate] I guess you really won't answer any questions. I guess I'll just have to cut off both your hands.
Sergeant Nunier: Really? Your beloved Countess would never stand for that. You're bluffing.
Hero: [Intimidate] I had no problem slicing Reezal-Jul. And you, my friend, are no Reezal-Jul
Sergeant Nunier: You're the one? You killed Reezal-Jul? I'm just a guard! The officers know what's going on, but they never tell us anything. All I can tell you is they have a camp to the east, on the coast. If you want information, you have to talk to an officer.

Darien Gautier: I was wondering when you were going to show up. Want a bite?
Hero: What's going on here?
Darien Gautier: Reconnaissance! But keep your voice down. No need to wake the good captain. And know what I learned? There's not a single guard in Northpoint. Not a one! Lleraya ordered them to get out and to keep everyone away.
Hero: Is that all?
Darien Gautier: Isn't that enough? I was fairly proud of that bit of espionage. But you're right. There's more. The good captain here let slip that there's a smuggler's tunnel. Leads right into the heart of the city. It's our best option for getting inside.

Gwendis: I must say, Darien certainly has a way with the ladies. That's not how I'd go about extracting information from the enemy, but I can't fault his results. The old smuggler's tunnel should lead into the city—if we can get through it.
Hero: What do you mean?
Gwendis: Well, the smugglers who use the tunnels installed a gate. Gives them a monopoly on the black market in Northpoint. The tunnel will get us into the city—if we can get past the locked gate.
Hero: Any idea where we can find a key?
Gwendis: The smuggler boss is a tough pirate. Goes by the name of Lagra. If anyone has a key, it's her. But the Montclairs attack any boats that approach the city. There are wrecks up and down the coast. If Lagra's still alive, that's where we'll find her.

Captain Lagra: What do you think you're doing on my ship? Do you know what I did to the last stowaway I found?
Hero: I need to slip into IMorthpoint without being seen.
Captain Lagra: Well, the last time I looked, my hold didn't lead into the city. Wait a moment. My key! If you're one of those Montclair bastards, I won't go down without a fight. Now give me back my key!
Hero: [Intimidate] If we start fighting, a sunken ship will be the least of your worries.
Captain Lagra: Well, you're a tough one, aren't you? All right. We'll do it your way. I was coming back to get my key. I need to get into Northpoint myself. Rescue my gang. Why should I let you have the key when I have my own needs to consider?
Hero: Because I have an army. When I open the city, things can go back to the way they were.
Captain Lagra: At the moment, all I care about is the safety of my gang. They were inside when the city fell. But if this turns out to be a trick. Oblivion won't be big enough for you to hide in. The tunnel's in the cove. It will take you into the city.

Gwendis: Tell me you found something good, hero. It's not like the fate of Rivenspire is hanging in the balance or anything.
Hero: I've got the key to the tunnel. It's in the cave beneath the lighthouse.
Gwendis: Right, then! Let's go see what Lleraya's doing in there. But brace yourself. I don't think we're going to like what we find.
Hero: What do you mean?
Gwendis: Northpoint... it just feels ... empty. I sense life in there, but it's faint. Barely perceptible. We need to be ready for anything.
Hero: Then let's head inside.
Gwendis: His lordship, the Baron over there, wants us to head inside, see what's going on, and secure the area. He wants us to be slow and careful so as not to damage his precious city. Good job getting that key, by the way. Now let's go save Northpoint.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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