Night of the Soul [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Morrowind
Location: Stonefalls
Required Level: 10

Text of the Quest:

The Dunmer of Ebonheart have turned to for comfort in the face of an expected assault by Covenant forces. Disciple Sildras, however, believes the Tribunal has rejected the town. His gloom is affecting the citizens' morale.

Disciple Sildras needs someone to pray at three shrines surrounding Ebonheart, one for each leader of the Tribunal. He's hoping for a message from the gods, but expects only silence, and he's unwilling to face that himself.


  • Seek Almalexia's Blessing
  • Seek Sotha Sil's Blessing
  • Seek Vivec's Blessing<
  • /ul>
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