Natures Best Friend [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 33

Text of the Quest:

After eating too many moon-sugar candies, s Khajiit husband, , ran screaming into the forest. Liane asked me to search for Feluz near the Drabul wayshrine.

Liane: My father was right... I should never have married a Khajiit. I wanted to see the world, explore foreign lands, eat exotic foods, not pull my hair out over a moon-sugar addict!
Hero: What happened? Goodbye.
Liane: My husband Feluz ate too many moon-sugar candies. He started babbling to himself, then ran into the forest screaming, 'This one likes Bosmer! Plants are best friends!" I said he'd eat himself sick, but would he listen? No! Typical cat.
Hero: What's moon-sugar candy? Goodbye.
Liane: Sweets from Elsweyr. They're usually harmless, but if a Khajiit eats too many, there can be consequences. Feluz has been missing for hours, and I'm really worried. Can you help me find him?
Hero: I'll look for him.
Liane: A passing merchant told me she saw a Khajiit near the Dra'bul wayshrine. But Feluz ran off from here. I don't want to go too far away in case he returns. If he returns. He'd better return, or I'll kill him.
Hero: You're married to a Khajiit?
Liane: Sounds crazy, but Feluz is so full of life. We met in Daggerfall. He ran an exotic goods store. Our love for the unknown is what drew us together. He promised to show me the world; I'd never been outside Glenumbra. And now ... I hope we find him.
Hero: What brought you to Malabal Tor?
Liane: Its beautiful forests. And to visit the fabled Deepwoods. Have you been there? I've heard all its ladies are green! Plus, Feluz has friends at the Baandari Trading Post. We'll set up a shop. Imports from Wayrest, or something.
Hero: Anything else that could help me?
Liane: Well, he has white fur and scares easily. I've known him to hide behind fallen trees, rocks, and even under mushrooms. He also loves to jump and climb on things. He's pure cat, through and through.

Feluz: Hrr! This wretched forest has already taken everything precious to Feluz. Go away!
Hero: It's all right. Your wife Liane sent me. Goodbye.
Feluz: My wife? She isn't dead? Thank Riddle'Thar! Oh ... but she will never forgive me. Never. She said as much last time. How wretched is Feluz now?
Hero: What happened to you?
Feluz: I remember... dancing with the pigs! And then ... a long slide, down the hill, past the gaping mouth, and splash! Water everywhere! There ... and there! Mouths in the vines! Clutching at me! Liane crying, so far away. I thought they killed her.
Hero: Liane is fine. Let's get you out of here.
Feluz: No! I can't face her. My bag of goods is gone! Without it, we can't set up shop. No shop, no gold. No home. I should stay in this tree stump. Liane would tell me so.
Hero: I'll find your things.
Feluz: Such a kind traveler! Liane would not be so kind to Feluz! Also, I crave your help. If you happen to find my lucky pouch, fortune will smile upon you.
Hero: [Persuade] Whats in the lucky pouch?
Feluz: Moon-sugar candy. But don't worry! I've learned my lesson. The candy will fetch a good price at Baandari Trading Post, trust me. I have friends there.
Hero: Can you think of anything that will help me? Goodbye.
Feluz: My head aches! To think of the trouble this causes! The pigs cannot be too far away. They are on a hill overlooking the water. A pond? A lake?
Hero: What's the gaping mouth you saw? Some kind of beast?
Feluz: It was, let me think, yes! A cave, with teeth made of vines. The vines! Beware the small vines! Some will turn to teeth, to gnaw on you as they gnawed at Feluz!

Feluz: My friend! As you can see, my lovely wife Liane found me. I mean, I found her! We found each other! Please give me good news. Please.
Hero: I found your goods. Goodbye.
Feluz: My wife can't disown me now! Look, my dear, our friend found our goods! And, urn, you have my lucky pouch ... yes?
Hero: Yes, here, take it.
Feluz: Hush! Liane mustn't see. Give it to me, quickly now. You've been so kind! Please visit us at Baandari Trading Post sometime. But first, speak to my wife. She believes she is the boss in this relationship.

Liane: Do you think I'm an idiot? I just watched you give that moron his pouch of moon-sugar candy!
Hero: Yes, that's right. Goodbye.
Liane: "Yes?" That's all you have to say? Moon-sugar candy got us into this mess in the first place! Even if I take the pouch away, he's probably already hidden a handful of it.
Hero: Feluz said the moon-sugar candy would fetch a good profit.
Liane: Feluz will eat half that pouch the first chance he gets! Ugh. Just be on your way! Leave me to clean up after this cat.
Hero: I did what I thought best.
Liane: I would say thank you, but I think you've done enough.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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