Monkey Magic [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

Monkey Magic I met a talking monkey in Sentinel. The monkey claims hes really an Orc and that he was tricked by a Khajiit potion-maker name Unishi. He wants to be changed back. I promised the monkey that Id talk to Unishi in Sentinels tavern and ask her to change him back.


Talk to Unishi

Suspicious Monkey: Don't even think about it! If you try to pick me up and give me a kiss, I'll bite your nose off! I may look like a monkey, but I'm not a monkey, and I'm done being treated this way!
Hero: If you're not a monkey, what are you?
Suspicious Monkey: I'm an Orc. Don't laugh—it's true. I just got cheated by this damn Baandari potion-maker! She sold me a potion that turned me into ... this! A puny little monkey!
Hero: You don't seem too happy about that.
Suspicious Monkey: Of course not! Listen. You have to help me. You have to find that wench and make her change me back! It was the Khajiit potion maker, Unishi. She's in the tavern. Please—you have to.
Hero: All right. I'll go see the potion maker.

Unishi: What is your dream? You want to be stronger? Smarter? Faster? For the right price, Unishi will make your dreams come true!
Hero: Is that what you told the Orc you turned into a monkey?
Unishi: Not again! Tell me he doesn't want a refund! Why do so many ask and then when Unishi gives, they change their minds?
Hero: He asked to be turned into a monkey?
Unishi: ln a manner of speaking, yes. He complained about feeling like an outcast here in Sentinel.... He wanted to be faster and nimbler and to feel like he fit in! What does that sound like? It sounds like a monkey to Unishi.
Hero: Will you change him back?
Unishi: This is not fair. Ingredients cost money. Unishi cannot afford to give away free potions! How about this? You want to help the monkey? You help Unishi, and she will do what you ask.
Hero: How can I help you then?
Unishi: Unishi has just finished preparing two potions for other buyers in town. Deliver them and we have a deal. One goes to a woman named Dariah, and the other to a man named Irwad. This one will mark their houses on your map—make it easy for you.
Hero: I'll deliver the potions and be right back.

Irwadi: Where is she? I bet that damned cat swindled me. I should have trusted my mother. Magic is no good.
Hero: I'm here to deliver Unishi's potion.
Irwadi: It's about time. Hand it over. She promised me my hair would grow back and that I would have hundreds of children! This better work! Here you go.
Hero: I'm not sure drinking that is such a good idea.

Dariah: What is it? My husband has just returned home from the tavern. He is very hungry. if I don't prepare his dinner quickly ... well, I simply do not have time to chat right now.
Hero: I'm here with the potion you ordered from Unishi.
Dariah: Oh, praise Zeht! I've waited so long. I asked Unishi to make me a potion that will make my husband kind and loyal. I hope it works. Here you go.
Hero: Are you sure you know what this potion will do?
Dariah: Oh yes! Unishi told me exactly what to expect, and I think it's going to be wonderful!
Hero: It's all yours then.

Unishi: Unishi is pleased to see you again. You have made the deliveries to this one's clients, yes?
Hero: Yes. Your potions certainly seem to work.
Unishi: Unishi gives people what they want and nothing more. You have done the same for me, so here. Take this to that silly monkey. It will return him to the miserable existence he had before.

Suspicious Monkey: Oh, am I ever glad to see you again ... do you have a banana? I mean ... do you have a potion? To change me back?
Hero: Yes. This potion will turn you back.
Suspicious Monkey: Mauloch's nethers, it sure will feel good to be myself again. Last time I ever do business with a Baandari!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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