Missing in the Mire [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 30
Reward: 111

Text of the Quest:

Missing in the Mire The Argonians in Xal Ithix have been picking through trash piles. Now normally docile creatures from the swamp are attacking them. Although they usually prey on small creatures, stranglers attacked the Argonian scavengers. I must search Xal Ithixs bog to rescue threatened scavengers.


Rescue Scavengers from Stranglers


Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: This is a disaster! Some scavengers are lost in the mire and I can't spare anyone to go look for them. Any chance you can help me?
Hero: What do you need?
Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: Xal Ithix relies on scavenging for its livelihood. Instead of hunting their usual prey, stranglers now attack the scavengers.
Hero:Can't you go after them?
Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: I'm a scavenger, not a warrior. Look around us. The stranglers attack everything that moves, whether it can resist or not. Can you help the few fighters we have left?
Hero: I'll do what I can to help.
Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: Be careful of the hoarvors. They're the giant tick-like creatures burrowing through the muck. Usually, they're a nuisance, but lately the blood-suckers have been downright dangerous.
Hero:What about the stranglers?
Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: They're large, overgrown plants. When threatened, their spiny tentacles grab at you and pull you in. Even experienced scavengers can get caught by them if they aren't careful.

Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: Thanks for rescuing our scavengers from those crazed plants. We could still use your help. Well, Nimble-Knuckles asked me to ask for your help, if you've got time.
Hero: Help with what?
Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: A strangler's barb hit Nimble-Knuckles, and she dropped her bow in the muck. She's a bit shy about asking you directly. Please look for it. It must be in one of the trash piles.
Hero: I'll take a look.
Sleeps-with-Open-Eyes: Off by herself around the xanmeer. She's proud of that bow, and its loss affected her greatly. For a scavenger, she's too attached to material things, if you ask me.
Hero: I'll look for her bow.

Nimble-Knuckles: ls that...? Xuth! You found my bow.
Hero:I found it in a trash pile.
Nimble-Knuckles: I thought I'd lost it forever to the mire. When you have so little, everything you have carries meaning. I erect the spine of gratitude for helping me.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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