Lost Pilgrimage [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 29
Reward: 109

Text of the Quest:

A group of pilgrims failed to arrive in Hissmir as scheduled. fears something has happened to them. I should start searching for pilgrims on the road northeast of Hissmir.


Search for Pilgrims


Kiameed: I expected some pilgrims from Forsaken Hamlet today. With the trials at hand I must stay here, and none of the other Root Stewards have the time to search the northeast road. If you're headed that way, would you look for them?
Hero: If I find them. I'll let you know.

Kiameed: Have you found any signs of our missing pilgrims?
Hero:Dominion soldiers killed the pilgrims. I've slain them in turn.
Kiameed: What would the Dominion gain by keeping pilgrims from the Trials? It is senseless!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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