Lost Bet [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 15

Text of the Quest:

Lost Bet I've found a strange glowing artifact from the age of the Altmeri deep within the ruins of Bewan. When I picked up the relic, a ghost appeared and called to me. I should speak with her.


Talk to the Ghost

Altmeri Relic: A strange glow surrounds the relic.
Hero: Take the relic.

Beddi Alielle: Surprised to see me? So were the Sea Elves. I didn't even have time to say "Mages Guild!" before they killed me. And now, here sits poor old Beddi. Stuck because of that stupid bet.
Hero: Bet? What bet?
Beddi Alielle: I made a bet with my friend, Angrel. We're both Adepts at the hall in Vulkhel Guard. I bet her that I could find more relics than she did in a two week span.
Hero: The Maormer killed you while you were looking for relics, then?
Beddi Alielle: Rjght. But the worst part is, I think I'm stuck like this. I put a pile of gold on the wager and we sealed the bet with a spell. A binding contract spell. Until I can win or lose the wager, I don't think I can move on.
Hero: I could take the relic back to Vulkhel Guard for you.
Beddi Alielle: Would you? That's unbelievably kind. You'll be three-times blessed in Aetherius. I should warn you: Angrel's something of a terrible person. And, sincerely, thank you.
Hero: You're welcome.

Angrel: Stars above, more interruptions. Is this important? I'm monitoring a very delicate experiment right now.
Hero: You're Angrel, right?
Angrel: Yes, I am. I'm sorry, have we met before? Your face is unfamiliar to me.
Hero: I encountered your friend Beddi in Bewan, and—
Angrel: Hah! She's given up, hasn't she? I knew that little mouse couldn't keep up with me. I already know where I'm going to spend her coin. I'm going to buy this fantastic gown from the Aegis.
Hero: Actually, she's dead.
Angrel: Dead? Hmm. Well, that's too bad for her. She just lost. Wait, you spoke to her before she died? Or after?
Hero: After. She said you both cast a spell that's keeping her on Nirn.
Angrel: I guess I'll just console myself with her gold and the taste of victory. Ahem. "Beddi, I recognize that you've lost. I release you from our contract."
Hero: Complete Quest.

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