Leading the Stand [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Leading the Stand After we thwarted the Imperial plot in Evermore, Uela the crow paid me another visit to say were enemies again now and that her Reachmen army is going to kill everyone in Evermore. I should speak to Queen Arzhela about Uelas threats.


Talk to Queen Arzhela

Strange Crow: The Imperials' tricks are undone, but your stone city will still fall. Through crows' eyes I spy your weak defenses. These lands belong to the Reach, and we will soon sweep through!
Hero: How can you be so sure of that?
Strange Crow: You don't need a crow's eyes to see this. Use your own. Look north. If you do not spy my armies now, you will soon. Count your blessings though. Death at a Reachman's hand is more merciful than enslavement at an Imperial's.
Hero: Neither sounds particularly attractive.
Strange Crow: The sooner your fate is accepted, the better we will all feel. I am queen of these lands, not that weak woman over there. Tell her the truth. After the city's sacked, I'm going to peck out her eyes.
Hero: I'll tell the queen what you've said.

Queen Arzhela: I hope you'll forgive me being blunt, but under the circumstances, there's no time for social niceties. I am still in awe of what you've done to save the city, but did I just see you talking to a crow?
Hero: Yes. That was Uela, the leader of the Reachmen.
Queen Arzhela: So that's why all these crows have descended on the city? Gods! I knew it wasn't a coincidence. Fine. I'll give every guard a bow. I think it's time for us to do some bird hunting. First though, if you spoke to their leader, what did she say?
Hero: That her army is coming to kill us all.
Queen Arzhela: I see. Not really much of a surprise. The Reachmen are bearing down on Northglen already. We've already sent every soldier we can spare, but there's little chance of turning the tide of battle. Your presence there might make all the difference.
Hero: I'll go to Northglen and see how I can help.
Queen Arzhela: Once you get there, I'm sure the Reachmen won't know what hit them. Look for Sergeant Antieve in Northglen. He was just sent there, but with Captain Hjurrun dead, he's one of my most senior officers. I suppose I'll need to give him a promotion.
Hero: Would you like me to tell him about the promotion?
Queen Arzhela: Sure. He could probably use some encouragement. Tell him I'm going to promote him to Lieutenant... assuming we defeat the Reachmen, of course.

Sergeant Antieve: Look here! If it isn't Strastnoc's bane! Have you come down to lop off a few more Reachmen heads? There are plenty to go around down these parts.
Hero: The queen sent me to see how I can help.
Sergeant Antieve: Smart woman. Damn glad she's back in charge. Who'd have thought Duke Renchant was going to sell us all out? Guess he got what was coming to him. We've got Reachmen to worry about now. Captain Gaercroft's in charge here—you should talk to him.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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