Kalodars Farewell [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Kalodars Farewell I met a Nord woman whos searching for her father in the northern hills of the Rift. I've offered to help her search. She wants to know what happened to him, whether he is still alive, or has died.


Search for Kalodars Remains

Helfhild: Greetings. I don't suppose you know a man named Kalodar? He's my father. He left on a hunting expedition years ago, promising to return in a few months. My mother gave up on him, but I never have.
Hero: Sorry, no. You think he's out here?
Helfhild: Perhaps only his remains, but I'd like to know. A local claims to have known a trapper by that name who hunted in these hills. It might have been him, but I'm no fighter and this region is thick with bears.
Hero: And you want me to look for him.
Helfhild: Please! My mother believes he abandoned us, but I know my father better than that. Anything you can find out would help erase this uncertainty.
Hero: I'll look.

Helfhild: You look like you know something of my father. Tell me.
Hero: I found his remains ... and this letter addressed to you. Goodbye.
Helfhild: I suppose I always knew he wasn't coming back. But this letter.... He left us to keep us safe. "I will sing of you in the halls of Sovngarde." Oh, father.... Thank you. I have peace at last.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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