Imperial Infiltration [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Imperial Infiltration The city of Evermore is in dire straits. King Eamond is dead and Reachmen are bearing down on the city from the north. Duke Renchant plans to hand the city over to Imperial control, but I have agreed to work with Queen Arzhela to stop him. The queen asked me to find Glarikha and Sir Jarnot and then to ferret out the Imperial spies in the city without causing a panic.


Meet Glarikha and Sir Jarnot

Queen Arzhela: If the Imperials take Bangkorai, it will be a fatal blow to the Covenant. We can't allow Renchant to do this. Damn it. He's leaving me no choice but to take back the throne. I know Glarikha will be pleased to hear that. Where is she, by the way?
Hero: She's gone to find Sir Jarnot and any loyal guards.
Queen Arzhela: Smart girl. She always has been. I suppose I should've listened to her. Very well. We need to do this smoothly. The city has suffered enough. We don't want a battle in the streets. We need to take time to do this right. How much time do we have?
Hero: Imperial spies are recruiting citizens and will strike in a few hours.
Queen Arzhela: Gods! There goes that idea! You must root out these spies right away then. Do not use weapons though. That will cause a panic, and I don't want that. Find Glarikha and Sir Jarnot and figure out another way.
Hero: I'll go find Glarikha and Sir Jarnot then.
Queen Arzhela: After you've ensured the city is safe, meet me in the castle, and we'll deal with Duke Renchant. The poor fool probably doesn't even realize he's committed treason. May the gods keep you, my courageous friend.
Hero: We shouldn't confront Renchant first?
Queen Arzhela: No. He needs to watch his cowardly little plan crumble first. I want him demoralized before we confront him. I also want to think about exactly what to say. It has to be good, you know.

Strange Crow: Friends, foes, and fools ... hard to know which is which ... or who is who. Choose poorly and wind up dead.
Hero: What happened?
Strange Crow: A witness I was, and nothing more, but if a crow can spy someone, so can a spy. But you know the true threat now? Imperials! Now, you must listen to me.
Hero: Why should I trust you? I don't even know who you are.
Strange Crow: Uela, they call me, those that follow. From the Reach we come ... to conquer this land. But the enemy of an enemy is a friend. So I am a friend.
Hero: You're with the Reachmen?
Strange Crow: Aye. My Reachmen march this way. Evermore will be ours! But not if Imperials have it! They are a threat right now, for you and for me. You need friends. Let us be friends then, and join together to beat our common foe.
Hero: You just said you come to conquer. How can I trust you?
Strange Crow: Temporary truce! Neither wants Evermore Imperial. We work together, destroy the Imperials, then we are enemies again. I like it not myself, but you have no one to help you now. The only choice for either of us is to work together.
Hero: What do you propose?
Strange Crow: You cannot strike down spies, but my crows can, pretty little pets. Mark our foes, signal my crows, and we will strike. We will clean the city of Imperials. Then we are enemies again.
Hero: I don't have much choice. Let's do it.

Sextus Denter: Here's someone who's seen a battle or two. You've read the writing on the wall, haven't you, my friend?
Hero: What does the writing say?
Sextus Denter: Evermore is doomed without Imperial assistance. Help us. Help us take the city from the Covenant, and we will usher in a new day, a day of security and self-respect. A day of survival.
Hero: Not for you. [Signal the Crows to Attack]

Marcius Cipius: Ah! Another sharp-minded citizen! Do you also prefer not to be ravaged by Reachmen?
Hero: How do you plan to stop them?
Marcius Cipius: Strength! That is the only thing that will stop the invaders. Where can we find a strong army? Why ... the Imperials are only a few days march to the south .... Join me friend, let us give the city to those who can defend it.
Hero: We can defend it just fine. [Signal the Crows to Attack]

Nari Buteo: Ah! Did you hear the voice of reason and come to listen more closely? The Reachmen are at the city's doorstep. Something must be done, must it not?
Hero: What do you think needs to be done?
Nari Buteo: Simple. Surrender the city to Imperial control. If the Imperials have Evermore, the Reachmen cannot attack. You will survive, and even better. Surrender now and we promise you will remain free.
Hero: We're not bargaining for freedom. [Signal the Crows to Attack]

Queen Arzhela: Can you believe this? The duke's apparently run off to avoid facing me. After what he's done, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Tell me though, is the city safe? Have the Imperials spies been dealt with?
Hero: Yes. The spies are gone and the city is safe.
Queen Arzhela: Excellent. Then dealing with the rat I let into the castle is all that remains, if we can just find whatever hole he's scurried into. Oh, but what about Sir Jarnot? And Glarikha? All three of you deserve a medal after this is done with.
Hero: Sir Jarnot and Glarikha were killed.
Queen Arzhela: No! Glarikha? Glarikha is ... gone? But why? She was an innocent young girl. I knew the Imperials were heartless, but do they have no honor at all? Renchant. He's responsible for this, too. Where is that bastard?
Hero: You think he's still in the castle?
Queen Arzhela: Yes. He's actually most likely to be down in Eamond's private rooms. Unworthy swine that he is. Will you come with me? I could call the guard, but it might be better if you and I just deal with this quickly. And quietly.
Hero: Of course I'll accompany you. Your Majesty.

Duke Renchant: Welcome back, Arzhela. Good work! First, you ran this kingdom into the ground. Then you dumped it into my lap! Now, the two of you repay me by sabotaging my plans and destroying any hope we had of surviving the Reachmen attack!
Hero: You think the Imperials were our only hope?
Duke Renchant: Of course they were! Have you seen the Reachmen's numbers? You think you can take them all on yourself? You cut off one head, but there are thousands more, and they are barbarians! You've doomed the people of this city to a fate worse than death.
Hero: Do you know what the Imperials were planning?
Duke Renchant: Whatever it was, the alternative was death. Listen. There's nothing more to say. If you expect me to apologize and plead for mercy, you're out of luck. I was doing the right thing. Lock me up if you must, but I don't deserve death.
Hero: Sorry. The penalty for treason is death. [Kill the Duke]

Queen Arzhela: Thank you for dealing with that situation. I know it wasn't pleasant, but life just isn't always a pleasant thing. Certainly not in my case. Nevertheless, we have responsibilities we cannot simply ignore. Glarikha taught me that, and you, of course.
Hero: The duke was a traitor. He had to die.
Queen Arzhela: It's the way it had to be. Though I do feel partially responsible. I should never have allowed this to happen. In the midst of a tragedy, it's even more important that a ruler put aside his or her personal feelings for the good of the kingdom.
Hero: As you say. Your Majesty.
Queen Arzhela: No matter what the future holds, Evermore is deeply indebted to you, as I am too. In times like these, we all need a hero like you ... to remind us that no matter how bad things get, there's always hope.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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