Hunting the Troll [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 27

Text of the Quest:

Ledronor, a member of a hunting order called the Hounds, asked for my help in hunting a troll. I must follow Manglemaws trail in the wilderness southwest of Serpents Grotto to find it. Ledronor told me I can see the signs of its passing by crouching down and looking carefully.

Ledronor: Damn troll. Got away again. Impossible to kill. You really got yourself in it this time Ledronor.
Hero: What's this about a troll?
Ledronor: I'm a member of the Hounds. Maybe you heard of us. Sport hunters, mainly, although sometimes people hire us to do the occasional good deed. Like killing a troll that's been terrorizing other hunters. Unfortunately, the troll got the better of me.
Hero: Maybe I can help kill the troll.
Ledronor: It won't be easy. But you look like you can handle yourself. Do you know how to track? Crouch low to the ground and look carefully. You'll see signs of the troll's passing. Track it and kill it, and bring me its arm as proof.
Hero: I'll do my best.

Ledronor: You're alive! Does that mean—did you kill the troll?
Hero: Here's the troll's arm as proof of the kill.
Ledronor: That's a relief. I couldn't have lived with myself if it had killed you. You'd make a pretty good Hound, you know. Thanks!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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