Heart of the Matter [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 19

Text of the Quest:

Heart of the Matter uncovered information proving is definitely located within. She needs my help in recovering it. However, Laranalda seems concerned about something. She asked me to meet with her a short distance from camp.


Follow Laranalda

Laranalda: I've captured one of the books. It mentions this ruin specifically. All very exciting!
Hero: How so?
Laranalda: The Reliquary of Stars was created to preserve knowledge. This we already knew. But the book speaks of a deeper level, closed off from the rest of the ruin. I suspected the Heart of Anumaril was hidden somewhere in the ruin, and now I know where.
Hero: Where is it?
Laranalda: If this description is accurate, the entrance lies somewhere in the Hall of Might. But there's something else. Would you come with me?
Hero: All right.

Laranalda: When you went searching for my assistants, did you see anyone else? Anyone intelligent, I mean. Spectres don't count.
Hero: There was a Daedra named Ukaezai in the Flesh Gardens.
Laranalda: Damn. That's what I was afraid of. The book mentions her specifically, some sort of "caretaker." Her specialty was ... well, there's no easy way around it. She controlled the minds of others. It seems even the Ayleids feared her.
Hero: Do you think she's controlling your assistant?
Laranalda: Maybe. Tedryni hasn't been the same since he returned. He's normally so enthusiastic about his studies, but he's withdrawn into himself. It's downright unsettling, watching him suffer like this.
Hero: What do you want to do about it?
Laranalda: I'd like to run some simple tests for signs of Daedric influence. While I do so, would you bring Behelir with you to search the Hall of Might? I suspect the Heart of Anumaril lays within its walls.
Hero: All right.
Laranalda: Wonderful. If this tome is correct, there's a passageway hidden in the library. I'm sure you and Behelir will find it.

Bookcase: The bookcase is protected by an ancient grate, yet there seem to be books missing from its shelves.
Hero: Examine the empty locations.
Bookcase: Each space is marked by a faint groove as long as a book.
Hero: Replace Remnants of Cyrod.
Bookcase: With a faint click, the book slides into place.
Hero: Replace Keeper of Tomes.
Bookcase: A faint series of clicks issues from within the bookcase.
Hero: Replace The Black Year.
Bookcase: The bookcase shudders a bit as you push the book into place.

Laranalda: What happened? Why did Behelir sound so strange?
Hero: Ukaezai controls him. She has the Heart of Anumaril.
Laranalda: Behelir suggested Tedryni was under her control. A ruse, and one I should have seen! But if Ukaezai has the Heart of Anumaril, she can use it to restore her spirit to her body. We have to get it back!
Hero: Did you see where she went?
Laranalda: Through the door. We've never been able to open it, and I don't know where it leads. Quickly, after her! I'll attempt to restore the wards here, should you fail. We can't allow a Daedra to wreak havoc with the Heart of Anumaril!

Laranalda: You! I hadn't thought you'd make it out alive. Ukaezai must have been formidable alone ... with the Heart of Anumaril in her hands, I can hardly imagine. You do have it, don't you?
Hero: Yes, I have it right here.
Laranalda: Wonderful. When all the flying books fell, I knew it had left the ruins. I'll return it to the Elden Root Mages Guild, per our agreement with the king. We won't need to worry about Daedra finding it there.
Hero: King Camoran Aeradan needs it brought directly to the Orrery.
Laranalda: Very well. So they're really going through with it, are they? I'd pay my weight in gold to see the Orrery working. I'll personally ensure it reaches there without further trouble, don't you fear.
Hero: What will you do now?
Laranalda: After i return it to the Orrery? Perhaps I can research its properties once the ceremony is complete. If the queen allows, of course. I'm not one to stand in the way of royalty.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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