Grimmer Still [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Reaper's March
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

I've worked with the Lunar Champion Shazah to seal up corruption wells inside of Fort Grimwatch. Now I've met up with her sister Khali to explore an unearthed Khajiiti temple. A dark fire barrier is sealing the entrance to the temple. I was able to pass through the dark fire barrier that lead down here, perhaps I can do the same here? I should touch the barrier to find out.

Khali: You have any more miracles in your pocket? We need to get through this door as well.
Hero: What is this stuff?
Khali: How should Khali know? Look, this one knows a few spells. Can't have known my sister as long as I have without picking up a few things. Other than a few incantations, though, Khali leaves the heavy thinking to Shazah.
Hero: I was able to dispel the dark fire outside just by passing through it.
Khali: There you go, then! Just touch the door and we'll see what happens. Oh! And just in case we never have the chance to speak again, it's been a pleasure meeting you.
Hero: All right then. I'll just touch the door.

Khali: Damn this place. Another dark fire door.
Hero: I should be able to break through again, right?
Khali: Khali... does not think so. The barrier here seems much stronger. And she senses—moons, that is strange. This one senses a dark energy powering the ward on this door. We'll have to open the door from the other side.
Hero: How do we do that?
Khali: There's a ruined doorway on the south wall. This one bets we could slip through. If my suspicions are right, whatever is beyond this door is powering the barriers.
Hero: Let's find it and destroy it.
Khali: Just so you know, after this Khali will drink that brandy—whether or not you are still alive. So, stay alive.
Hero: What can you tell me about the attack?
Khali: This day has dull claws. We were ready for the Colovians. Shazah and Khali would have helped the Dominion troops break the siege. A new song would be sung in our honor. But the 'mathra. Bah!
Hero: It sounds like you've been in a number of battles.
Khali: Moons, yes. My sister's spent most of our life practicing her spellwork. I have trained. Blades and claws, that's how I spend my time. This one has marched with the First Auridon Marines and sparred with the Vinedusk Rangers.
Hero: Have you fought the Colovians before?
Khali: Yes. Not very fond of them, honestly. Lost our parents in a Colovian raid. Was looking forward to slaking my blade on a few of those Divines-obsessed bastards.
Hero: Have you ever encountered Dro-m'Athra before?
Khali: Just in books for cubs. Honestly, I thought they were dreamed up so Shazah would have another way to bore me. She and the Moon Priests have gone on about the 'mathra since we got to the monastery.
Hero: You grew up in a monastery?
Khali: Partially. The priests let us live with our mother and father for a time. We just had to do some studying, learning about "our place in Khajiiti culture." We moved to the Monastery when our parents passed away.

Khali: Well. Don't see something like that every day.
Hero: What's next?
Khali: It sounds like Shazah and the others have made it inside. Our task is not yet complete. Khali senses an even stronger source ahead. Please, speak with Shazah. She'll know what to do.
Hero: Will do, Khali.

Shazah: Everyone dead and an ancient relic destroyed. I see Khali has been here.
Hero: What's next?
Shazah: I sense the source of this corruption is beyond the door up ahead. There's sure to be some kind of defense. Between the three of us, I'm sure we can see it done.
Hero: So what do we do?
Shazah: One of us should stay behind to hold the door. Shazah suspects this silence is merely the calm before the storm. The 'mathra are gathering in the shadows. I can smell them.
Hero: Which of us should stay behind?
Shazah: You must go. Rid-Thar has given you his touch of grace. Either Khali or I would be fine, here. As you've seen, I'm something of an accomplished spellcaster. And Khali has waved a sword around once or twice.
Hero: I'd like you to stay and watch the door, Shazah.
Shazah: Very well. I will remain and lead the defense. May your victory be swift and sweet.
Hero: Thank you.

Khali: Ha, good! Good! Don't let anyone tell you these spirit bastards don't know how to fight.
Hero: Was that it?
Khali: I think so. We've capped the source here. Without new spirits to replace their fallen comrades, we should have the Fort cleaned up in a matter of hours. Come on, let's make sure Shazah still has a tail.
Hero: I'm with you.

Shazah: She wouldn't know an epic poem from a lunar chant, but Khali certainly is good with a blade. Well done.
Hero: Thank you. I think we've contained the Dro-m'Athra.
Shazah: Bright moons! It's been a privilege to fight by your side. I know now why Rid-Thar would choose you. Why he appeared to us. You are the Moon Hallowed. You must be!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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