Gift of the Worm [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 39

Text of the Quest:

Gift of the Worm The Reachmen are being magically augmented by the Worm Cult. They must be stopped. Belron left camp, hoping to learn more about the rituals. I should seek him out in the field.


Talk to Belron

Dajaheel: The touch of Molag Bal. Dries my scales just thinking about it. We have to stop their rituals, put an end to the abominations.
Hero: Just tell me what to do.
Dajaheel: Belron left the camp. He muttered something about further research. Head into the field and find that Dark Elf. Lend him whatever aid you can.
Hero: I'll find him.

Lieutenant Belron: You see that thing? That's what's left of the Reachmen gathered at Vernim.
Hero: What do we do about it?
Lieutenant Belron: We need to learn more about these things. The ghasts keep repeating the name Calix Thorntongue. Go kill him, take his heart, and bring it back to me.
Hero: You seem obsessed with hearts.
Lieutenant Belron: Necromantic energies gather in the heart. It's the seat of life and unlife. Everything I need to know about a person, I can learn from his heart. Hmm, I suppose I am a little obsessed.

Lieutenant Belron: Well done!
Hero: I need to stop the other rituals as well.
Lieutenant Belron: Indeed. As you do, collect their hearts. I feel powerful magicka radiating from this one. With more like it, we may be able to put an end to Stral himself. I will be back at camp, researching.
Hero: I'll bring the hearts there, Belron.

Lieutenant Belron: You've returned. With a number of dripping presents. Excellent work.
Hero: Yes. Here are the Graveborn hearts.
Lieutenant Belron: You have my thanks. These vine-twisted abominations may yet prove useful.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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