Frightened Folk [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 29

Text of the Quest:

Frightened Folk Constable Agazu says the mayor of Fells Run fired her for no reason and appointed a new constable. She says all the townspeople are acting strange as well, but no ones talking. She wants me to help find out whats going on. I should talk to people around town and try to gather any clues as to what they might be hiding.


Talk to Townsfolk to Investigate


Constable Agazu: What's this? Another stranger strutting into my town? Perfect! They'll probably give you the mayor's job! Experience? Bah! You don't need that! Just ask the new constable!
Hero: You seem frustrated.
Constable Agazu: Me? No. Why would I be frustrated? Ten years as town constable and the mayor just up and decides to fire me the other day! Can you imagine? Says I'm getting too old and the new constable will do a better job. The dungheap bastard!
Hero: Who's the new constable?
Constable Agazu: That's the thing! No one even knows him. Gavendien—that's his name. He and his bailiff sauntered into town last week, and now he's constable? Something smells wrong. Say, think you could poke around and try to find out what's really going on?
Hero: All right. I'll talk to people and see what I can learn.

Ghak gro-Urish: What in Oblivion do you want? Unless you can haul it yourself, don't tell me you have a load of grain that needs to be ground at the mill. The constable's deputy just confiscated my damn wagon.
Hero: Is there a problem with the new constable?
Ghak gro-Urish: Look, I don't know you. And I don't need you meddling in my personal affairs. I'm not looking for trouble, and I'm not saying a single damn word about the new constable. You'll mind your own business, if you know what's good for you.

Mayor Orrard: Welcome to Fell's Run. Normally we'd welcome you with open arms and throw a feast, but not this year. We had a terrible harvest, and times are hard. Might be better if you moved on and spent the night in Northpoint. Come back next year.
Hero: Why did you fire Constable Agazu?
Mayor Orrard: She caught you out at the edge of town, eh? She feels betrayed, I know. I hope someday she understands. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her. My wife and I both have always treasured her friendship.
Hero: What does your wife think about your decision?
Mayor Orrard: My wife ...? Oh, she doesn't exactly know ... well, she's been ... sick. Yes. She's sick. Hasn't left the house for days. Poor thing. Yes. I should actually get in there and check on her. No time for idle gossip. Take care now.

Lauravieve Mondorie: Oh. Hello, there. You must be new in town .... I'm sorry, but the jewelry shop is closed for today. Constable Gavendien's orders.
Hero: Why did the constable order you to close the shop?
Lauravieve Mondorie: Oh, um ... I think he's worried about security. Yes. With the rumors of bandits robbing people on the road, we have to be careful. There's supposed to be a big parcel of amethysts coming in from the mine, too. Gods. I hope it gets here ... safely.
Hero: Have you noticed anything strange around town?
Lauravieve Mondorie: Strange? No. Nothing. Nothing at all. Why would you ask? Oh, well, there's Gaspard. He's a little soft in the head. He's run out of town and refuses to come back. I worry about him. He really should go back home.

Gaspard Spletis: No. I'm not coming. No, I'm not. Don't even ask. I'll come back, but only when Gaillard says it's safe. Yes, that's right. Only when Gaillard says. Gaillard told me to stay right here until then.
Hero: Who is Gaillard and why did he tell you to stay here?
Gaspard Spletis: Gai I lard is my friend. He looks after me since my parents died. Gaillard said it isn't safe in town. No, no. That constable. Gaillard recognized him from Daggerfall. Said he was a bad man. Gaillard went to meet the constable, but never came back.
Hero: Where did he go to meet the constable?
Gaspard Spletis: Gail lard went to meet the constable in the constable's new house. Just there to the south. It used to be the fisherman's house, but the constable took it. The fisherman just went away. I hope Gaillard didn't go away, too.

Constable Agazu: Argh! My head is pounding. Three loaves of bread and I'm still foggy. I don't care what happens. Remind me to never drink that rum posset again. You were asking around town though. About that toothless runt of a constable. Did you learn anything?
Hero: I found this note.
Constable Agazu: Hmm. Hostages? I knew those bastards were up to something! Damn. Constable Gavendien just left here with Lady Mondorie. Bailiff Sagabar's still upstairs, though. We should try to get into his room and see what else we can find.
Hero: How do we get into the bailiff's room?
Constable Agazu: Well, I bought this sleeping draught so I could sleep off this headache, but I guess I won't be napping now. Take it upstairs and find a way to distract Sagabar. Slip it into his drink. Then follow him into his room before he passes out.
Hero: All right. I can do that.

Bailiff Sagabar: I do not understand why this inn is so popular with travelers. The beds are like rocks and the mead tastes like the sweat of a dog.
Hero: I will not spend one night more here than is absolutely necessary.

Georgia Matine: Look, I've just about had it.... Oh! I'm sorry. I thought you were that lecherous bailiff again. He tries to grope me every time I bring him a drink.
Hero: You don't appreciate the bailiff's advances?
Georgia Matine: Gall and pox! Of course not! I'm a barmaid, not a strumpet! Besides, I know his type. He may talk sweet, but get him behind closed doors and he turns mean. I try to avoid his kind.
Hero: Any idea how to distract him?
Georgia Matine: What? From looking at my bottom? If I knew how to make him stop, I would have done it hours ago.
Hero: No. I just want him to leave me alone.

Dran the Trickster: What do you say? You interested in having a bit of a laugh?
Hero: That depends on what you're proposing.
Dran the Trickster: I developed this little trinket to summon a banekin. I thought it would impress the Archmage, but instead it got me kicked out of the Mage's College. I was thinking of testing the trinket here—you know, to frighten someone and have a laugh.
Hero: So maybe I could use the trinket to spook the bailiff?
Dran the Trickster: Here. I was thinking the barmaid. But if you're crazy enough to try it on the bailiff, all the better. Depending on how it works, maybe I'll go into business selling these things. Let's see how it works.

Bailiff Sagabar: I do not understand why this inn is so popular with travelers. The beds are like rocks and the mead tastes like the sweat of a dog. I will not spend one night more here than is absolutely necessary.
Hero: [Persuade] I just saw the barmaid looking in your direction.
Bailiff Sagabar: She was? I mean, of course she was. Why wouldn't she? She may have been a little intimidated by my good looks and natural charisma, but I'll win her over. I'll go over and ask her to have a drink with me. I'm sure she'll say yes this time.

Constable Agazu: Now that my skull's stopped pounding, I'm ready to crack someone else's. Did you find anything in that Redguard's room? Do we know where they're holding the hostages?
Hero: Yes. They're holding the hostages at the old mill south of town.
Constable Agazu: All right. We've got to go get them. That's the most important thing. Did you find anything to explain why Gavendien went to all this trouble? He didn't do it so he could just steal my job, did he?
Hero: It's not exactly clear yet, but they are planning to make their escape at some point. Goodbye.
Constable Agazu: Then maybe I should stay here and rouse the bailiff. My head's clear but my legs are still wobbly. You go to the old mill and free the hostages while I drag Sagabar to the stocks. He'll tell me what they're planning, one way or another.
Hero: All right. I'll go free the hostages.

Falette IMormar: Praise the Eight! Did you kick that stupid thug's teeth in? I don't know what was worse—being held hostage or smelling that ruffian's breath!
Hero: What about the robbery, though? Did you stop them or did they get away with the jewels? What jewels?
Falette IMormar: You didn't know? That's why they were holding us. Gavendien was waiting for Lauravieve Mondorie's big amethyst parcel to come in. He was holding the three of us hostage to keep the town in line.
Hero: When were the amethysts scheduled to arrive?
Falette IMormar: Hours ago. That thug Bulzog was actually going to execute us if he didn't hear from that crooked constable soon. You really came just in time. We should hurry into town and see if we can't stop Gavendien.
Hero: All right. Let's go.

Constable Agazu: Damn bastard Gavendien! Did it all for the jewels, and got away with it, too! He got me good. I'll survive, but he cut Lauravieve's throat. He didn't have to! He just did it to prove a point. I thought I could be cruel, but he is a monster!
Hero: Is anyone else hurt?
Constable Agazu: I don't think so. I don't know. Maybe if I hadn't confronted him, he wouldn't have killed her.... At least the hostages are all right. You did your part, and you did it well.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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