Favor for the Queen [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 25

Text of the Quest:

Favor for the Queen Queen Maraya has asked a personal favor. Shes heard disturbing rumors about some of her fathers enemies returning, so shes asked me to go to Sentinel in the Alikr Desert and ensure that both the kingdom and her father are safe. I should speak to First Mate Elvira Derre at the Northpoint docks. She should be prepared to offer me passage to Sentinel.


Talk to Elvira


Queen Maraya: Today is a fortuitous day indeed for Rivenspire, though I fear other kingdoms within the Covenant may not be so lucky. I know that my husband considers you to be his champion, but I wonder if you might be willing to assist his queen as well.
Hero: Of course. Your Majesty. How can I help?
Queen Maraya: I have heard troubling news from Sentinel. Rumors say that enemies from my father's past have returned. I wrote to him right away, of course, but as everyone knows ... King Fahara'jad can be slow to respond. Still, I fear for his safety.
Hero: Who are these enemies from King Fahara'jad's past?
Queen Maraya: Necromancers. Their kind has not been seen in the Alik'r desert for years, but that only makes them more dangerous. If you can go to Sentinel and just ensure all is well, it would be a relief. I have made travel arrangements, if you are willing.
Hero: Of course. Just tell me where to go.
Queen Maraya: Look for a ship called the Dawn Posset offshore at Northpoint. The first mate, Elvira Derre, should be waiting for you on the docks, ready to leave for Sentinel. When you get there, just make sure the city is safe. Only visit my father if you wish.

First Mate Elvira Derre: Hey there. You the one Queen Maraya bought passage for to Sentinel? All right. I'm just glad you didn't bring along a chest full of luggage. We got to row out to the Posset in this little dinghy here. Real glamorous, eh?
Hero: I'm sure it will suffice.
First Mate Elvira Derre: As long as you don't mind rowing. Captain Marck already let me do all the rowing on the way in. Such a gentleman. Yeah. I wouldn't expect any rowing from him. We're ready whenever you are. Just say the word and we'll push off.
Hero: I'm ready to go to Sentinel.
First Mate Elvira Derre: Then let's get the Oblivion out of here. Come on, Captain. It's your turn to row!

First Mate Elvira Derre: Well, we're here all right, but I'm not sure I'm going to be getting off the boat. In fact, I say we just put right back out to sea.
Hero: Is something wrong here?
First Mate Elvira Derre: You bet your arse there is. Queen Maraya's messenger said she had heard rumors, and I guess they were true ... or something. Go talk to Captain Marck. He actually walked a little ways down the dock. Better he tells you about it himself.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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