Carzogs Demise [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Betnikh
Required Level: 3

Text of the Quest:

Carzogs Demise My investigations of the Bloodthorn Cults activities have convinced Chief Tazgol that they threaten the Orcs on Betnikh. Lambur is leading me to the Orc forces at Carzogs Demise.

Lambur: Chief Tazgol is leading the Ores toward Carzog's. He's determined to wipe the Bloodthorn Cult off Betnikh.
Hero: What's wrong? You sound worried.
Lambur: Chief Tazgol doesn't see the danger. The Bloodthorns are after an ancient Ayleid weapon that we know nothing about. We must catch up to Tazgol and stop him from rushing in!
Hero: Let's get going.

Neramo: The Ores are being routed by a spirit army. The Bloodthorns have tapped into a power I've never seen before.
Hero: Neramo, how do I get inside?
Neramo: The crystals around the door are activated by three Welkynd stones in the ruins. I think I can handle one of them, but you'll need to deal with the other two.
Hero: I'll do my part.

Master Kasan: The others have gone on ahead. I delayed here to discourage pursuit.
Hero: Are the others far?
Master Kasan: Only a little ways ahead. We will be waiting for you.
Hero: Best of luck, Kasan!

Neramo: I suspect that Vardan died when the portal closed. The body cannot survive without the soul.
Hero: What can you tell me, Neramo?
Neramo: The Bloodthorns created a portal to the spirit realm with this Welkynd stone. Vardan is on the other side, commanding the spirits slaying the Ores. He's trapped over there since we closed the portal.
Hero: How can we stop him?
Neramo: Without the Breton ritual Vardan used, only one without a soul can cross the portal. That means you. You must activate the Welkynd stone, enter the spirit realm, and kill Vardan.
Hero: I'm ready.

Chief Tazgol: What did you decide about the relic?
Hero: I decided to keep it. The Covenant needs it. Goodbye.
Chief Tazgol: I disapprove. Many of my people had their souls consumed by that thing. You have condemned others to the same fate. Even so, you saved my tribe. For that, I will respect your decision. Without you, we would all be dead.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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