Carnival Conundrum [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 20

Text of the Quest:

Carnival came from the Summerset Isle to spread High Elf culture. Unfortunately, theyve suffered numerous setbacks in performing for the Wood Elves of . Sarandel said I should speak with her performers to get more details.


Talk to Vindare the Magnificent Talk to Bug Wrangler Cornar Talk to Storyteller Noryon

Angamar: I'm looking for work. Know anyone who needs a hauler? I'm real good at breaking down tents, packing them up, and hauling them where they need to be unpacked and pitched. And don't say carnival. I'm done with carnivals.
Hero: Carnival? What do you mean?
Angamar: I was working in the carnival near Elden Root. It wasn't a bad job, but the owner, Sarandel? Doesn't know what she's doing. We came all the way from the Summerset Isles, and now the performers can't put on their acts.
Hero: What's the problem?
Angamar: I don't know the details. Look, Sarandel can tell you herself. Me? I'm done with that operation.
Hero: Thanks, I may do that.

Sarandel: Please enjoy our attractions. I'm terribly sorry they're so limited at the moment.
Hero: What's the problem?
Sarandel: I convinced my performers to come here, to spread High Elf culture in these lands. Bring a little piece of Summerset to Grahtwood, you see? But the trained bugs are sick, our magician's supplies are missing, and our storyteller's stories fell flat!
Hero: Isn't there anything you can do about it?
Sarandel: None of us know the area well enough to resolve these matters. Now we're a carnival with nothing but a fortune-teller. Huzzah. I'd gladly pay the coin provided by the Summerset Cultural Expansion Council to anyone who would help us put on the show.
Hero: I'll see what I can do.
Sarandel: My performers can best explain their setbacks. Cornar is our bug trainer, Noryon our storyteller, and Vindare the Magnificent is ... well, she's magnificent. I have to describe her that way. It's in her contract.
Hero: I'll ask them what they need to perform.

Cornar: Look at them, limbs so sluggish and carapaces dreadfully dull. When you've raised the shalks since they were pupae, it gnaws at your heart to see them so listless.
Hero: What's wrong with your bugs?
Cornar: They're having trouble managing the local grass, so I've put them on an all-hay diet. And the climate, it's more humid than they're used to in Summerset. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they were homesick.
Hero: Is there anything that would help?
Cornar: When they were younger, I'd grind mudcrab eyes into paste and give it to them as a treat. I think it would raise their spirits again. But nobody sells mudcrab eyes, and I can't leave my shalks to fade away while I scour the coasts.
Hero: What if I brought you mudcrab eyes?
Cornar: I would forever be in your debt, my friend. A dozen would be enough to go around, if you wouldn't mind. And I won't mind if they're a little mashed when I get them. Saves me some work!

Noryon: I'm sorry, but I have nothing to say.
Hero: Sarandel said you had a problem?
Noryon: That is my problem. I literally have nothing to say to these people! All my stories about the amazing deeds of long dead High Elves ....The first rule of my profession is to know your audience, and Grahtwood is not a place to tell such tales!
Hero: What tales did you plan to tell?
Noryon: I planned to seek out Wood Elf stories in taverns and libraries, but since we arrived I've heard of countless troubles in Grahtwood. The Worm Cult, pirates, Wood Elf rebels ... it's all the same, I'd rather keep to the safety of the carnival.
Hero: If you can't leave, how will you find any stories?
Noryon: The Wood Elves rarely write their stories down, but I heard Scholar Glaurolin in the Elden Root Mages Guild is the one to ask. If you're headed that way, would you mind asking for a book? It could be written in old Akaviri, for all I care! Anything would help.
Hero: I'll see what I can find in Elden Root.

Vindare the Magnificent: I hope you didn't travel from far away just to see Vindare the Magnificent. I am not performing at present. My magic cannot function safely in front of a crowd. The, uh, stars are out of alignment.
Hero: Sarandel said I should speak with you about your problem.
Vindare the Magnificent: Oh did she? Did she also tell you how she promised that we'd make ten times our normal take by coming to this godforsaken backwater? Did she mention how she said shipping my supplies wouldn't be an issue?
Hero: You're having issues with shipping your supplies?
Vindare the Magnificent: The shipping was fine, it's the delivery where it fell apart. My belongings arrived at the docks of Haven without incident. But due to the recent problems in the city, no one has any idea when deliveries will resume.
Hero: So your supplies are sitting on the docks of Haven?
Vindare the Magnificent: As far as I'm aware, yes. They're in the nicest-looking trunk on the dock. I had it touched up by a painter in Mathiisen, you know. But with the pirate attack, who knows when Haven will be stable enough to deliver their backlog of shipments.
Hero: What if I retrieved your trunk?
Vindare the Magnificent: I couldn't ask you to lug that heavy monstrosity all the way here. It's triple-reinforced steel, with an inch-thick lead interior. Discourages my competition from snooping. I just need the supplies inside. If you wouldn't mind, of course.
Hero: I don't mind. I'll retrieve your supplies.

Cornar: Good luck finding the mudcrab eyes! Only if you have the time. I realize it's not the most glamorous request.
Hero: Here are your mudcrab eyes.
Cornar: Would you look at that! Just the smell of the things seems to have perked them up. I'll see if I can use them to motivate my little friends.

Vindare the Magnificent: Do you have them? You have them, don't you? Oh, I shouldn't get my hopes up. They fell in the sea, didn't they? I knew it, I have the worst luck.
Hero: Here, I have your supplies.
Vindare the Magnificent: Wonderful, that's everything I need! Once Haven gets its act together, they can deliver an empty trunk. You're welcome to stay for the show. Sit wherever you like!
Hero: I might see your show.
Vindare the Magnificent: You won't regret it! Unless you hate stage performances. Then you'll regret it. But hopefully you'll enjoy it!
Hero: We'll see.

Scholar Glaurolin: Yes, how can I help you?
Hero: I'm looking for a book on Wood Elf folklore.
Scholar Glaurolin: Hmm. My people mostly leave such matters to our spinners to share, rather than writing it down. I have something, but I can't imagine you'd want an Akaviri spy's writings on our heritage. A "cultural infiltration document." Complete garbage.
Hero: I'll take it
Scholar Glaurolin: Really? You read Akaviri? No matter, you're welcome to it. Let me see, I have a copy around here somewhere. A moment, please.
Hero: right.

Noryon: What do you have there? A book?
Hero: Here, I found you a book on Wood Elf heritage.
Noryon: This book ... it's written in Akaviri.
Hero: You said that was fine.
Noryon: This is wonderful! Nobody here will be able to find the source of my stories if they're written in another language. My Akaviri is a bit stale, but I think I can manage. You're welcome to stay for my performance!
Hero: I might stay and listen.

Sarandel: Would you look at that line? We're drawing more people than in Auridon!
Hero: What will you do now?
Sarandel: We'il perforin our hearts out! The Wood Elves will see there's more to the Summerset Isles than stuffy politicians. Return anytime you wish. If there's enough call for it, we may have new performances to share!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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