Breaking the Coven [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38
Reward: 255

Text of the Quest:

Breaking the Coven Theres a coven of Hagravens in Northwind Mine. They need to die. I need to kill the twin Hagravens and collect their heads.


Prisoner Tovisa: This place is a slaughterhouse! What did you find?
Hero: The Reachmen cut out prisoners' eyes and feed them to Hagravens.
Prisoner Tovisa: I must tell Vigrod. You infiltrate the mine. Heiress Alona has the only key to the mine door. I tried to steal it but could only get a key to her sanctum, just to the south. Get in there, find out what you can, and grab that mine door key.
Hero: I'm on it.

Tovisa: Thank you for finding me. They were going to kill me too.
Hero: I need to get you out of here.
Tovisa: Forget it. Kill those Hagravens, make them pay for what they've done!
Hero: Where are they?
Tovisa: There are three sisters, all nearby. Kill the twins first. Lure one out with Reachman eyes. Kill the other's attendants and she'll attack. Then use the twins' heads to bring out the Matriarch.
Hero: I'll see to it.
Tovisa: That's the end of the coven, but we still need to get out of here.
Hero: Agreed. Let's go.

Tovisa: Go slowly. I'll try to follow, but I can't see or fight.
Hero: I'll get you out of here.
Tovisa: I need healing. Thank you for everything. I'll see you in Shor's Stone.
Hero: Are you going to be all right?
Tovisa: Г11 never regain my eyesight, but I'll live. Porath will see me back to Shor's Stone. Come see me, if you ever return.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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