Brackenleafs Briars [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 17

Text of the Quest:

While traveling in , I found a shrine dedicated to the animals of the Valenwood. said the shrine was created by s Briars, an elite group of hunters. Gerweruin told me to speak with Glaras if I wish to join their ranks.


Gerweruin: Brackenleaf's Briars built this shrine, as tribute to the animals of Grahtwood.
Hero: Who are Brackenleafs Briars?
Gerweruin: We're hunters who seek balance in all things. Most of us are Wood Elves native to Grahtwood, but any who wish to learn the ways of the forest can undertake our trials and join our ranks. Assuming they survive.
Hero: Where could I take your trials?
Gerweruin: Within Brackenleaf's Forest. Just outside of Haven, bordered by the Long Coast. Our leader's name is Glaras. If you choose to seek her out, do yourself a favor. Be respectful, and she'll do the same for you.
Hero: I'll do that.

Glaras: Who are you? What do you seek? Gerweruin said I should speak with you about joining Brackenleafs Briars.
Glaras: It is Gerweruin's duty to send those who measure up to our standards. She doesn't take her task lightly.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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