Blood Hunt [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 23

Text of the Quest:

Blood Hunt A group of vampire hunters has come to this area to cleanse it of its infestation, including a powerful vampire lord. Theyve asked for my assistance. After witnessing me destroy a feral vampire, Sabonn the Nord leader of the group has asked me to meet him at his camp.


Go to the Vampire Hunter Camp

Sabonn: Do you smell that? The air here, it's almost sweet. Be wary. There are vampires about and that smell means they're on the prowl. It's best you didn't wander alone.
Hero: Who are you?
Sabonn: Sabonn. I lead a small band of vampire hunters. We heard rumors of an infestation of the feral monsters in this region, but we didn't realize just how bad it was until we arrived. A powerful vampire lord and his clan are terrorizing the region.
Hero: What do you intend to do?
Sabonn: We're going to kill as many of them as we can, until they overtake us or we've wiped them out. You look like you can hold your own in a fight. We can always use more help, if you're interested.
Hero: Absolutely.
Sabonn: Good. Four hunters is better than three, any day.
Hero: Where is the rest of your team?
Sabonn: Closer than you might think. You want to meet them?
Hero: Certainly.

Zungarg: A new recruit, eh? I hope you can keep pace. The blood will run fast and thick when the vampires attack, and I can't watch your back and mine.
Hero: Do you expect a lot of resistance? ungarg
Zungarg: Gods, I hope so. But don't let Agalir hear me say it. Superstitious Redguard. I say, you don't become a vampire hunter if you don't like taking risks. The more they fight, the more fun it is.

Agalir: Are you ready to take the sword to these abberrations, Oblivion's own children?
Hero: I'm ready.
Agalir: That's all I need to know. Anyone who tries to harm us will answer to my blade.

Sabonn: Looks like you've made your introductions. Time to get to work.
Hero: How exactly is this going to work?
Sabonn: All right. Pay close attention. I'll try to be brief, but if we don't all focus on doing our job, we're as good as dead. The vampires in this area are controlled by a single, powerful vampire lord. He likely sired most of them himself.
Hero: What's the plan?
Sabonn: Take this bloodstone. Don't lose it. It has the power to turn water to blood and whip up a ferocious hunger in the most sated vampire. When the time is right, we're going to use it to lure the vampire lord out of his hidey-hole.
Hero: All right.

Sabonn: Damn it. What went wrong? The vampire lord should have appeared by now. Where are Zungarg and Agalir?
Hero: I haven't seen them.
Sabonn: Everyone was in their places. The plan was working perfectly. This doesn't bode well. I'll go west and see if I can find Zungarg. You go to the east gate and look for Agalir. But keep your guard up. There's no end to vampire tricks.
Hero: Agreed.

Agalir: AgaIir's body is a blackened husk.

Sabonn: No. Not Agalir. I'm such a fool. Clearly the vampire lord saw through our trap. Agalir's death is on my head.
Hero: Did you find Zungarg?
Sabonn: No. No body either. That's no comfort. When dealing with vampires, the lack of a body usually only means one thing. I pray I'm wrong.
Hero: What do we do now?
Sabonn: We need to keep looking for Zungarg, and if he's—oh, praise Stendarr! There he is! I never thought I'd be so happy to see that stupid Ore in all my days.

Sabonn: So that's it, then. The vampire lord is dead. As are Zungarg and Agalir. I've lost partners before, but you never get used to it. I feel responsible.
Hero: What are you going to do now?
Sabonn: I'll bury my friends. Then, I suppose I'll seek out more companions in the next vampire lair. I can't rest until this scourge is wiped from Tamriel. Zungarg and Agalir felt the same. Thank you for your help, friend.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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