Beneath the Stone [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38

Text of the Quest:

Beneath the Stone I've traveled to Shors Stone, which is under attack by Reachmen. The Companions and Pact military have marshaled a defense. Companion leader Vigrod Wraithbane is offering aid to the Pact at Shors Stone. Hes asked me to work with the Argonian, Ree-Zish to break into the Shors Stone mine.


Talk to Ree-Zish


Captain Attiring: I'm glad to see that business at Skuldafn's dealt with, but a soldier's duty is never done. The Rift needs your help.
Hero: What's happened?
Captain Attiring: We've had an urgent message from Shor's Stone. They're under attack by Reachmen. Their numbers and ferocity are beyond anything the defenders have seen before.
Hero: What can be done?
Captain Attiring: Reinforcements are on the way, but the King's Arrow would be a boon to the defenders. Vigrod Wraithbane, leader of the Companions, directs the defense of Shor's Stone. He needs you.
Hero: I'll travel to the Rift and find Vigrod.

Vigrod Wraithbane: Well, what is it? I'm organizing our defenses here. If you need supplies, talk to Garri in the Tapped Vein.
Hero: The Skald King sent me. I'm here to help.
Vigrod Wraithbane: The King's Arrow! Well met, my friend. The town's under constant threat and a horde of Reachmen took over the mine and sealed themselves inside.
Hero: How do we get them out?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Ree-Zish is trying to break into the mine. We've got people trapped in there. And we need to understand what in Oblivion the Reach are up to!
Hero: I'll see if I can help Ree-Zish.
Vigrod Wraithbane: Ree-Zish is a clever little lizard. If anyone can find a way past their magics, she can. Could I ask you a few questions, Vigrod?
Vigrod Wraithbane: ГМ answer what I can. Be brief, though. There's still much to do.
Hero: You're not a member of the Pact military, are you?
Vigrod Wraithbane: No. I'm proud to ride with the Companions, Ysgramor's heirs! Fallowstone Hall is our lair, just north of town. Always happy to wield our blades in service of the Pact.
Hero: Who are the Companions?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Shor's bones! You've never heard of the Five Hundred? The Companions are the brave warriors that rode with legendary Ysgramor in the battles to conquer Skyrim. We are their descendants, by blood and by bond.
Hero: You've heard of what I did in Eastmarch?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Let's see. Saved the High King from poison, fought a horde of Ores to a standstill. Stood with the Pact at a high moot and ensured the alliance didn't shatter. Nah, haven't heard of you at all.
Hero: Who are the Reachmen again?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Tribal clans from far to the west, up against the border with High Rock. Area's called the Reach, so Reachmen. They're nasty, been giving the Jarls trouble for generations. I've no idea what they're doing so far from their clan holdings.
Hero: What clan attacks Shor's Stone?
Vigrod Wraithbane: Boneshaper. Worst kind of shaman, one step up from necromancer. They use corpses in their foul ceremonies.
Hero: Goodbye.

Ree-Zish: The river runs with poison here. You'll want to stay back while we work our way inside.
Hero: Vigrod sent me. I stood by Jorunn in Eastmarch.
Ree-Zish: Ssk! The Reach vermin hide behind their magical shield. We must bring it down, for the Pact and glory.
Hero: How do we disrupt the shield?
Ree-Zish: Outside town, dark shamans imbue bodies with corrupt magicka. Take this talisman. Use it to remove the corruption and return the bodies to rest. Then we will turn the Reach's evil against them.
Hero: I'll see it done.
Ree-Zish: Too few have the strength to oppose the Reach shamans. Hurry, before they do more evil here.
Hero: Goodbye.
Ree-Zish: I can hear the magicka singing within the talisman. The effigies are ready to receive your gift.
Hero: Now what?
Ree-Zish: Hssk. Imbue the effigies with the corrupt magicka. That should clear the way into the mine.
Hero: And then?
Ree-Zish: Look for the mine foreman, Gandis. He should know where the Reachmen are hiding, and if any workers survive. But first you must open the way into the mine.
Hero: I'm on it.
Ree-Zish: Channel the magicka into the effigies. That should lower the shield that blocks the mine entrance.
Hero: Goodbye.

Foreman Gandis: Quiet! Get down!
Hero: I'm here to help. The Companions sent me.
Foreman Gandis: Great to hear it. Now quiet down or you'll get us both killed!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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