Awakening [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Malabal Tor
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Finoriell needs to join her fellow spirits in Treehenge, but something prevents her. Finoriell asked me to seek out the hengekeeper in Treehenges roots. I should find her and see if she knows whats going on.

Finoriell: What luck. You denied me my vengeance in Khenarthi's Roost. Had my beloved Silvenar still lived, he would have approved of your mercy. It's your wisdom I need now. Tell me, would you aid my cause?
Hero: What's wrong?
Finoriell: My time as the Green Lady has passed. When I died upon the shores of Pyandonea, I was drawn to rest in this sacred grove—Treehenge. All of my kindred rest here, since they first set foot upon Valenwood. Something blocks my entrance. Something vile.
Hero: Vile? What is it?
Finoriell: The hengekeeper would know better than I. She is nearby, in the roots below. Seek her out. Banish whatever darkness shadows this grove.
Hero: I'll look for her.
Finoriell: Thank you. Oh, and when you meet whoever's responsible for this ... twist the knife a little? Just for me.
Hero: What happened to you, after you left Khenarthi's Roost?
Finoriell: With the swiftness of the Green, I swam to the shores of Pyandonea, home of the Sea Elves. There, I visited my wrath upon them. I tore at flesh and bone. I cut until my arms went limp. I rent until my legs fell out beneath me.
Hero: Did they kill you?
Finoriell: Ha. I gave them no such pleasure. Their greatest warrior found me spent atop their highest sea-tower. He grabbed my hair, hoping to take my head as a prize. So I grabbed him and leapt, into the waves far below. The look on his face ....

Hengekeeper Lara: Be careful if you're going through to Treehenge. The spriggans have been on guard ever since the Worm Cult's invaded. I haven't been able to convince them to let anyone pass. If I don't get to the grove soon, it'll be too late.
Hero: Finoriell sent me. She's unable to enter the grove.
Hengekeeper Lara: Finoriell? Nothing should block her entry to the sacred grove. Perhaps this is all related .... Normally, the spriggans allow me to come and go freely. But now they rage, and won't let me through.
Hero: I could help you get past the spriggans.
Hengekeeper Lara: We need to do more than that. The matrons must be awakened. Disturbing Treehenge's roots should do the trick. They'll know what to do!
Hero: Then I'll go disturb the roots.
Hengekeeper Lara: Give me a moment. I'll be right behind you.
Hero: Tell me more about the matrons.
Hengekeeper Lara: They were the mortal hosts of the Green Lady, when they were alive. For their sacrifice, they're interred here. Usually, it's quite peaceful.
Hero: Isn't the Green Lady one person?
Hengekeeper Lara: Not quite. The Green Lady is a Bosmer, and a force of nature. When one Green Lady dies, another one takes the Green Lady's power into herself. Power and soul unite, which creates what we know as the Green Lady.
Hero: What happens when the Green Lady dies?
Hengekeeper Lara: Once the body expires, we bring the soul to rest here, in Treehenge. Forever, I suppose. The spinners then begin the tale of the next Green Lady.
Hero: Why would the Worm Cult be here?
Hengekeeper Lara: I don't know for sure. I expect the souls of the matrons are steeped in the power of the Green Lady, even through death. I've heard the matrons know all the memories and experiences of prior vessels. One Green Lady, so many lifetimes.
Hero: Is the power from the memories?
Hengekeeper Lara: I can't pretend to know. But if the Worm Cult is here, they want the matrons' souls for some vile purpose.
Hero: What is Treehenge?
Hengekeeper Lara: Treehenge is the resting place of the vessels of the Green Lady. When the Green Lady's mortal body dies, we bring their souls to this holy place. It's as much a library of knowledge as a tomb.
Hero: How do you know Finoriell?
Hengekeeper Lara: It is my duty as hengekeeper to know all of the Green Ladies. Finoriell was the last. Before Gwaering, I mean. Finoriell loved her Silvenar so much. She died soon after his assassination on Khenarthi's Roost.
Hero: How did she die?
Hengekeeper Lara: Who can say? The bond between Green Lady and Silvenar is such that neither can live long without the other. Some would say she died of a broken heart. But knowing her, she broke more than a few Sea Elf hearts from their chests before she faded.

Matron Brendil: Strangers. Intruders. All the same. You distract us from our duties. Begone, before the ritual is disturbed further!
Hero: Aren't the cultists intruders as well?
Matron Brendil: Yes, they are. We've told them to leave. And just like you, they've ignored us. But they would need the holy seed to harm Finoriell. The spriggan guardians will stop them, and Finoriell will enter our leaves and branches, safe forevermore.
Hero: The spriggans don't seem to be under your control anymore.
Matron Brendil: A temporary insanity, brought on by the Worm Cult. They will remain steadfast to their duties. Once the spriggans have cleansed the cultists from Treehenge, she will be able to take root.
Hero: And nothing will happen to her before that?
Matron Brendil: Are you a living servant of the Green Lady? Can you keep her safe? Hmph. I suppose she may have need of you, but I still don't like trusting outsiders.

Hengekeeper Lara: The necromancers pulled Finoriell away! What could they want with her?
Hero: The Worm Cult hopes to corrupt Finoriell.
Hengekeeper Lara: Then we must take her back, quickly! There is an altar not far from here. It's used to ready a soul before it takes root. Perhaps it can also be used to bring her back to us.
Hero: How do we do that?
Hengekeeper Lara: You must wash the shrine clean with the moon and stars. It will serve as a beacon to Finoriell. Though without a place to root, I don't know how long she'll be able to hold on.
Hero: The moon and stars? Where would I find those?
Hengekeeper Lara: The moon kisses the rivers flowing through here in beams from the sky, The stars travel on gossamer wings, in torchbugs gracing frond and leaf. Take them to the altar, and they will guide her back. Go now. You must not delay.

Finoriell's Soul: What's going on? I feel so strange ....
Hero: The cultists nearly took you.
Finoriell's Soul: Yes! I heard them whispering, felt their blackened magic! They seek to turn me into an abomination! All of us!
Hero: How?
Finoriell's Soul: We were all once the Green Lady. The bond between us is strong, but tenuous so long as I'm not yet rooted. If they corrupted me, it could spread through us all. I need to take root in the seed before it's too late!
Hero: Don't worry. I'll find the seed.

Hengekeeper Lara: Finoriell? I think I felt her! Did you find her?
Hero: She's floating all around you.
Hengekeeper Lara: I knew it wasn't my imagination! She must need something to cling to. I'm here, my lady. I will protect you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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