Audience with the Wilderking [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 24

Text of the Quest:

To learn why the Bosmer in this part of the Valenwood are opposed to the Dominion and to convince them to change their mind, I must negotiate with the Wilderking. The Treethane says that all I need to do to petition for an audience with the Wilderking is to touch the Petitioning Stone. Shes skeptical that he will come, but she says this is the only way.

Treethane Niriel: I hope I haven't given you a sense of false hope though. Bosmer 'round here petition the Wilderking for an audience all the time, and he rarely responds. More than likely, you're simply wasting your time.
Hero: I understand, but I'd like to petition nonetheless.
Treethane Niriel: Suit yourself. Just south of my home, you'll find the Petitioning Stone. Just touch it. Probably, nothing will happen. If he wants to speak with you though, he'll appear when you touch that stone.
Hero: All I have to do is touch the stone?
Treethane Niriel: I never said it was complicated. Besides, by scaring off those Wood Ores, you just might have improved your chances. The Wilderking sees these things, you know. All right. Run along now. And may the forest part to reveal your path!
Hero: I'll just go touch the Petitioning Stone.

Wilderking: Welcome to my Court, outsider. Since you entered my domain, I have watched your actions with a keen interest. You have been generous with my people and more patient than I expected. But I still cannot gather one thing—why have you come?
Hero: I've come to negotiate on behalf of the Dominion.
Wilderking: Hmm. Again, not what I expected. I think I've heard of this ... "Aldmeri Dominion", but 1 don't see how inclusion in this group would appeal to me or to the people in my domain. Aligning with you would only alienate us from others.
Hero: You would only be alienated from our common enemies.
Wilderking: Interesting. You think we have common enemies? My only enemies are those who would seek to harm Valenwood. Let us test your theory though. Show me one of these enemies of whom you speak, so I might better understand.
Hero: All right. How do I do that?
Wilderking: Use the other stone pillar. The one on the platform behind us. Touch that stone pillar and an apparition will appear. One of your enemies, as you say. Fight this enemy so that I might see its true nature.
Hero: [Persuade] Can you give me any assistance in this fight?
Wilderking: I am pleased to be able to lend you strength to face this enemy from your past.

Wilderking: I sensed the darkness in the heart of the one you fought, but he has already been defeated, has he not? And those like him ... they may not all share his darkness. You should have me call these people enemies, though?
Hero: Yes. They are known as the Veiled Heritance.
Wilderking: The Veiled Heritance. Yes. I am familiar with this distinction as well. There is one among this group who has come to Valenwood to see me, and I find her curious ... very curious. I am not inclined to consider her an enemy.
Hero: Who is this person you're referring to?
Wilderking: She is one who has been blessed with fascinating gifts. Gifts I cannot afford to ignore. You would know her identity though. I was able to capture one of her memories. Touch the Petition Stone again and I will share it with you.

Wilderking: As you've just seen, the young girl—Aranias—is associated with the Veiled Heritance. Until I know more about her, I hesitate to call her an enemy. I will have more insight soon though. Even now, Aranias is on her way to my throne.
Hero: But she's coming with Andurto destroy you.
Wilderking: So she believes, but there may be a greater truth to her purpose here. You may not like this, but I sense the same is true of you.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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