Archaic Relics [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 28

Text of the Quest:

Archaic Relics Knights of Arkay search for holy relics to help combat the rising undead threat spreading throughout Rivenspire. So far, the knights have yet to return. I've been asked to help find the missing knights and recover the holy relics.


Find Scythe Blade of Saint Octavien Find Saint Ellenicas Prayer Book Find the Fingerbone of Saint Marben

Edweg: It's nice out here. No more crawling around crypts, no more undead. No more really heavy armor. No more preaching about Arkay. Nope. No more. I'm done.
Hero: Are you Edweg, a servant of Arkay? That Edweg is gone. I am no longer in the service of Arkay. Maybe I'll be Edweg the Traveler. Or maybe Edweg, Safe at Home. I bet you were sent to find me. Or at least the relic I was supposed to retrieve. Saint Marben's Fingerbone.
Hero: Do you have the relic?
Edweg: Near as I could find out, it's buried up at the top of these barrows. But when I saw the trolls and felt the cold of the barrows on my skin, I said no more.
Hero: I've resigned. You can get the relic and pass along my resignation to Alvaren.

Cesabelle: Who are you? You don't look like a skeever.
Hero: Alvaren Garoutte sent me to find you.
Cesabelle: By Arkay's beard, it is good to see a friendly face in this evil land.
Hero: Did you find the relic?
Cesabelle: Yes. A tomb held the broken scythe blade that killed Saint Octivien. I hope it helps our cause.
Hero: I was just about to leave when I saw you enter the ruins. I must return to Alvaren with this relic.

Alvaren Garoutte: I rejoice that you still live. Arkay's blessings served you well. Cesabelle has returned. What of the others?
Hero: Matthiaume is dead, and Edweg deserted your cause.
Alvaren Garoutte: I feared as much. Alas for Edweg's weakness and the evil deeds of the bandits. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have rewards for your bravery and skill in Arkay's cause.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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