And Throw Away The Key [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 30
Reward: 111

Text of the Quest:

The vicecanons tracked an ancient keystone to . This artifact would be a major boon to Pact forces in . However, the prisoners seem unwilling to negotiate directly with the vicecanons. I need access to the prison, so I can speak with General Raetus. One of the guards could let me in and tell me where the general is.


Talk to a Guard


Gerent Hernik: Another visitor to White Rose Prison? This isn't exactly the main route.
Hero: Then what are you doing here?
Gerent Hernik: The vicecanons tracked one of the long-lost keystones to White Rose Prison. If we can recover it, this artifact would be a major boon to our war efforts. Unfortunately, the prisoners don't trust the vicecanons, which means they don't trust me.
Hero: Perhaps they'll talk to me.
Gerent Hernik: You're welcome to try. We need that keystone. Look for General Raetus, an old Imperial general they left here to rot. He's the prisoners' leader.
Hero: I'll go speak with him.
Gerent Hernik: Hopefully, the prisoners will let you in. We need that keystone.

Milam: What are you doing here? Turn back while you have the chance.
Hero: I need to see General Raetus.
Milam: You do, eh? It better be important. You'll find him in one of the ruined buildings north of here. A word of advice: don't stray into the western side of the prison. Not unless you want to be eaten.
Hero: Eaten?
Milam: For dinner. Some of the prisoners have gone feral. Captivity with no hope of escape will do that to the weak-minded.
Hero: Thanks for the warning.
Milam: If you can stop to chat, your business must not be all that important.
Hero: Rumors say this place is cursed.
Milam: That topic is off-limits for me. General Raetus might tell you about it.
Hero: Why did some of the prisoners go feral?
Milam: I don't know, and I figure I'm better off that way. Think about it.
Hero: Goodbye.

General Raetus: What are you doing here? I have enough trouble without outsiders bringing more.
Hero: I've come on behalf of the vicecanons. They say a keystone is located here.
General Raetus: The vicecanons expect our help? Where were the vicecanons when the Imperials left us to rot? We've been trapped here for years. Half the prisoners lost their minds and started eating the rest of us.
Hero: Why didn't you just leave?
General Raetus: Don't you think we've tried? My Imperial brethren used the power of your precious keystone to bind us to this prison. If we leave, we die. No one bound to the keystone can even touch it.
Hero: But you know where it is?
General Raetus: Let's make a deal. Ferals overran one of our camps. The survivors of that attack need patching up, but the medical supplies are still in the camp. If you can recover those supplies, one of my people will tell you where the keystone is.
Hero: Agreed.
General Raetus: Very well. Get the medical supplies to Jurni. She's holding the tower southwest of the camp against the ferals. And remember: I'll hold you to our bargain. All of it.
Hero: I'll find the supplies.
General Raetus: The longer we're trapped, the greater the chance we'll turn feral... or be eaten by them.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jurni: It's been quite some time since I saw a new face. Why are you here?
Hero: General Raetus sent me. These supplies are for you.
Jurni: Aha! About time. If the general wants me to hold this tower, he needs to send me medical supplies more often. I bet there's more to this than meets the eye.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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