An Act of Kindness [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 11

Text of the Quest:

An Act of Kindness In the ruins of Ezduiin, I found an enterprising researcher working with Telenger. Shes concerned about the recent appearance of the spirits. She seeks a way to lay them to rest. Sirinque gave me a magical crystal. I need to engage the spirits of Ezduiin in combat, and then focus my will through the crystal. This should send them back to Aetherius.


Use Sirinques Crystal on Weakened Spirits

Sirinque: Fair day. How goes the translations? Wait. You're not one of Telenger's students.
Hero: No, I'm not.
Sirinque: A fair day, indeed. I'm studying the spirits that now haunt these ruins. I believe they can be released. Sent on to their final reward. Perhaps you'd be willing to help with an experiment?
Hero: Perhaps. What do I have to do?
Sirinque: Take this crystal. I've etched a series of microrunes onto its surface. Weaken the spirit's hold on the physical world and then focus your will. That should sever the spirit's hold on Nirn. Allow it to pass into Aetherius.
Hero: I'll give it a try.

Sirinque: My talents do not lie in the brute application of spellpower. Otherwise I would be at your side. Field experimentation is fascinating!
Hero: What was that about microrunes? And focusing my will?
Sirinque: Much of magic is in the detail. These spirits should not be here. Their presence is inherently fragile. With manipulations of the magicka-field around you, your will can carry the punch of a warhammer.

Quaronaldil Duure: I felt the cursed drawn back to these ruins. Just as I felt your touch release them back to Aetherius.
Hero: Who are you?
Quaronaldil Duure: I am Quaronaldil. Once a member of the proud Duure family, now lashed to the face of Nirn by shame. I had the misfortune to call Essanyon Duure my brother.
Hero: Why did you reach out to me?
Quaronaldil Duure: Ezduiin was home to many powerful mages when I walked beneath the sky. Within this vault lies a magical lattice, very similar in function to the crystal you now hold. Only much, much more powerful.
Hero: Sinrique could use it to free all of the spirits, then?
Quaronaldil Duure: Just so. There is one obstacle to overcome. A puzzle that defends the ancient mage's spellwork. Thirteen tiles surround a chest within. The correct four must be activated to access the lattice.
Hero: [Persuade] I'm here to help. You must have some idea which tiles to activate.
Quaronaldil Duure: Knowing the mage, I only have my best guess. The tiles represent the great constellations. He held the guardian constellations in high regard—the Mage, the Thief, and the Warrior.
Hero: Thank you. I'll try those.
Quaronaldil Duure: Good luck, traveler. The lattice may be the last hope for the fallen.
Hero: Why are you helping me?
Quaronaldil Duure: The shame Essanyon brought to my line grounds me to Nirn. I have hoped, for centuries, to somehow undo his folly.
Hero: You're not trapped the way the other spirits are, then?
Quaronaldil Duure: No. I saw the growing madness within my brother, and had to act. I spoke with the guard of Skywatch, but not in time to save the targets of his zealotry. And not in time to stop the slaughter of every soul in Ezduiin.
Hero: You tried to stop him. Why are you ashamed?
Quaronaldil Duure: You don't understand. I stood beside my brother for months as the cult grew here. I could have ended his madness at any time. Instead, like a coward, I stayed my hand. Behold the cost.

Sirinque: You've returned. And with the spell-lattice?
Hero: Yes, I see you've met Quaronaldil.
Sirinque: He came to me and spoke to me about my crystal. When he told me you were retrieving the lattice, I found my courage and followed Quaron out here. You still have the micro-etched crystal I gave you?
Hero: Yes. What are you going to do?
Sirinque: This lattice is an elegant extension of the principles the crystal uses. By enmeshing it within the lattice, it will amplify the power of the crystal. It will free these spirits of the Mallari-Mora's curse.
Hero: I hope it works. Here.

Sirinque: Incredible! Did you see that? Unfortunate that the crystal lattice was destroyed in the process, but it served its purpose well.
Hero: So it worked?
Sirinque: Yes, can't you feel it? The spirits still remain, but in time they will learn they are free to move on.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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