Alls Fair [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 38
Reward: 255

Text of the Quest:

Alls Fair The Rothalens have fallen on hard times. Sarisa has designs on Bar-Neeus stall in the central market. I need to search Bar-Neeus tent and report back to Sarisa with my findings.


Sarisa Rothalen: The giant left us little more than our lives. We have no wares and no coin to rebuild. My mother is too proud to admit it, but this may be the end for us.
Hero: Sounds grim. Can I help?
Sarisa Rothalen: Perhaps. I hear the merchant Bar-Neeus may be peddling illegal goods in the central market. If this could be proved, he'd be ruined and we would take his place.
Hero: But howto prove it?
Sarisa Rothalen: Go to the central market and search Bar-Neeus' tent. Look for anything he might be hiding. Report back to me with your findings.
Hero: I'll look into it.
Sarisa Rothalen: Some of the guards are willing to help us, but they need an excuse. If you search Bar-Neeus's stall, you might find illegal wares. My family would be in your debt.
Hero: Why single out Bar-Neeus?
Sarisa Rothalen: We offer the same goods. By eliminating him, we claim a prime location and remove a direct competitor.
Hero: Goodbye.

Sarisa Rothalen: You're back. Tell me you found something!
Hero: I didn't spot anything illegal.
Sarisa Rothalen: He's clever, I'll give him that. He's making too much money not to be doing something shady. I think we can help open the authorities' eyes.
Hero: I'm with you. What's the plan?
Sarisa Rothalen: Place this flask of Altmer golden pear ale in Bar-Neeus's supply chest and then notify Guard Bronorr at the Fighters Guild. You'll be rewarded well when it's all over.
Hero: Why would that cause trouble for Bar-Neeus?
Sarisa Rothalen: Don't you know? It's illegal to sell goods from the Dominion or Covenant here. And black marketeers are dealt with harshly, in Riften at least.
Hero: Goodbye.

Bar-Neeus: Not a surprising plot from a Dunmer, especially that one. Sarisa would rather lie and steal than accept charity. Allow me to express my gratitude in coin.
Hero: What about Sarisa?
Bar-Neeus: The spine of welcome is more effective than that of threat. Deliver this package to Sarisa. I choose to extend friendship when others express hatred.
Hero: Goodbye.

Sarisa Rothalen: ls it done? Have the guards taken him away? I didn't hear any commotion.
Hero: I told Bar-Neeus of your scheme. He gave me a package for you.
Sarisa Rothalen: A package from Bar-Neeus? Is it revenge? But no—it's supplies and gold. He has shamed me! I'll take his gift for my family, but I'll never forgive him for it!
Hero: Complete Quest.

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