Alasans Plot [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 36

Text of the Quest:

Alasans Plot An army of Withered Hand soldiers necromancers attacked Tavas Blessing and killed everyone. Whatever they are planning here, I plan to stop them. Prince Azah and his soldiers are barricade in the eastern warehouse. Talia suggested that he might know more about what the Withered Hand is planning.


Talk to Prince Azah

Talia at-Marimah: Tu'whacca guided your footsteps here at the perfect moment, brother. There is Ash'abah work to be done—the Withered Hand has taken over the port. The situation is ... strange though, to say the least.
Hero: What is the situation?
Talia at-Marimah: The Withered Hand launched a surprise attack against Tava's Blessing. They killed everyone and everything, even the livestock. The strange thing is, they have not raised the dead.
Hero: Why haven't they raised any of the dead?
Talia at-Marimah: I do not know, but I fear they plan something terrible. Prince Azah and his men are barricaded in the warehouse at the eastern edge of town. He may have learned more about what these fiends are planning. You should goto him.
Hero: I'll go find Prince Azah then.
Talia at-Marimah: I hope the prince has learned more. I believe the Withered Hand has brought one of the Ansei Wards here, and that does not bode well. You were at Tu'whacca's Throne, were you not? So you know that as well as anyone.
Hero: Why would the Withered Hand attack this place?
Talia at-Marimah: I wish I could tell you. Fahara'jad's naval shipyards are here, but I cannot imagine why the Withered Hand would care about that. I hear these were sacred grounds back in the days of the Ansei. Perhaps that is what drew the Withered Hand here.

Prince Azah: I heard the commotion out there, and somehow I knew it was you. I can't tell you how good it is to see you, my illustrious friend. As you can see, we are in dire straits here, and it's on the verge of getting even worse.
Hero: How will it get any worse?
Prince Azah: That fiend Alasan is here! With Uwafa dead, he has the Withered Hand dedicated to his own twisted designs. He seeks power. The reason they aren't raising these people—it's because Alasan plans to turn himself into a lich!
Hero: How would he turn himself into a lich?
Prince Azah: He has corrupted one of the Ansei Wards, and he's using some kind of necromantic focuses to channel energy from the the dead for a ritual he's conducting in the lighthouse. He says this ritual will make him a lich. Will you help me stop him?
Hero: Yes. Just tell me what I need to do.
Prince Azah: I believe it's best to destroy the focuses first. Alasan's minions have been piling the dead around them, and they seem to be channeling energy for the ritual. Destroy the focuses; then go to the lighthouse and find a way to disrupt Alasan's ritual.
Hero: How did you learn of Alasan's plan to become a lich?
Prince Azah: When we arrived, the necromancers had already killed everyone. We snuck up to spy on them, and I saw Alasan. Evil has twisted his features, but I knew him. He was ranting about this ritual to become a lich. We attacked, but you see how that went.
Hero: You knew Alasan before?
Prince Azah: Yes. He and Uwafa both. Since we were knee-high to a dune beetle. We studied together, but they were always sadistic, obsessed with death. That was before their father turned of course ... if only we had killed them all back then.
Hero: Why did they come to Tava's Blessing?
Prince Azah: My father sent me here because he feared the Withered Hand might target our navy. I don't think that's why they came, though, it seems that many centuries ago, this was the home of one of the Ansei who sacrificed themselves to create the Wards.
Hero: Why would that matter? 1 I V
Prince Azah: I suspect it has something to do with Alasan's plan to become a lich. If this is where the Ansei was born, perhaps Alasan had to bring the Ward here in order to corrupt it. That's just my theory, of course.
Hero: How have things been in Sentinel?
Prince Azah: Not good, I'm afraid. Rumors about the Ansei Wards being stolen run rampant, and every day, there are new reports of risen dead. The Crowns and some Forebears are calling for my father to step down ... there's even talk of rebellion.

Alasan: You are the one who killed my brother Uwafa, are you not? I will grant that you are likely a formidable foe, but once I become a lich, I will burn you to cinders. There's nothing you can do to stop me now.
Hero: How can you be sure of that?
Alasan: The ritual has begun, and I am already bound to the Ansei Ward as it is bound to me. If you strike me down, the blade will be shattered.
Hero: That's a risk I'll just have to take.

Ansei Maja: After so many centuries, it is a wonder i can still be surprised. I could not abide the necromancer corrupting my ward, but I was powerless to stop him. Your actions have shattered the blade—but you made the right choice. You have my gratitude.
Hero: What do we do now?
Ansei Maja: Shattering the blade was the only way, albeit there were ... consequences. Necromantic energy was released, causing the dead of Tava's Blessing to rise. The necromancer himself is not a lich, but he has become ... a powerful spirit.
Hero: So he's not dead?
Ansei Maja: No. He cannot be slain now. There is a way, but... I am fading. With the ward broken, my strength ... wanes quickly. I will presently go to the Far Shores, unless you can reforge the blade.
Hero: How do I reforge the blade?
Ansei Maja: We need the gods' favor... for Tava, capture the desert wind ... for Morwha, get the milk of a goat... andforZeht, gather the earth from a fallen warrior's grave. With these elements, reforge the blade ... then bring it to the Ansei Shrine.
Hero: I will do as you ask and restore your ward.

Coals: The coals are burning hot.
Hero: Place the shattered blade upon the coals.
Coals: You place the shattered fragments gently on the smoldering coals.
Hero: Pourthe goat's milk over the blade.
Coals: The steel absorbs the milk.
Hero: Sprinkle the earth from a fallen warrior's grave over the blade.
Coals: The earth clings to the steel.
Hero: Stoke the flames with the desert wind.
Coals: The flames come alive.
Hero: Stand back.

Ansei Maja: I feared that after all these years, my sacrifice would prove to be of no avail, but you performed admirably. We cannot kill that necromancer, but he will trouble us no more.
Hero: What happened to Alasan?
Ansei Maja: He became some kind of spectre, and he bound himself to my ward, but that allowed me to imprison him within it. He is ... contained now. The important thing is that the ward is restored and can again protect the Alik'r desert. For that, I thank you.
Hero: What about the third ward?
Ansei Maja: I sense that the third ward is in the greatest peril of all. The sibling of the necromancer who came here is far more skilled in the dark arts, far more dangerous, and far more ambitious.
Hero: I killed his brother, Uwafa, at Tu'whacca's Throne.
Ansei Maja: The sibling I speak of has not been slain, and has possession of the third Ansei Ward, but I cannot sense its location. Despite our victory here, the Alik'r desert is still in danger. Whatever has befallen, you must recover the third ward.
Hero: Where should I start the search?
Ansei Maja: I do not know, but trust your destiny, for it will lead you where you need to be. First though, you must secure my ward. Find someone you can entrust with its keeping. I sense that we will meet again. May the gods watch over you until then.

Prince Azah: What foulness is afoot now? The dead have risen? I thought Alasan was purposefully not raising them! Were we too late? Has Alasan made himself into a lich?
Hero: No. Alasan is no longer a threat.
Prince Azah: He's not? We should rejoice then! That bastard! I relish the knowledge of his defeat. Without him, the rest of these necromancers do not concern me. Not in the least. But what of the Ansei Ward? Do you have it?
Hero: Yes, but the Ansei asked me to give it to someone I trust.
Prince Azah: And you brought it to me ...? That's quite an honor. I promise you, for as long as I live, it will not fall into enemy hands again. Now, only the final Ansei Ward remains ... but if Uwafa and Alasan are gone, who has it?
Hero: Ansei Maja said there is another sibling. zah
Prince Azah: Another sibling? But who could that be ...? Wait, Suturah did have another child, a very young daughter. I remember her now, nipping at her brothers' heels ... but I do not remember her name. Somehow we must find her though.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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