A Spy in Shornhelm [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 25

Text of the Quest:

A Spy in Shornhelm Adusa fears that Montclair agents still operate out of Shornhelm. She wants me to follow a courier in hopes the courier will lead me to the Montclair informer. I need to find a courier in Shornhelm before I can begin my investigation. Adusa told me to start at the west gate.


Adusa-daro: House Montclair's hold on Shornhelm has been broken, but our job isn't done yet.
Hero: What more needs to be done?
Adusa-daro: Montclair loyalists still operate out of Shornhelm, yes? Whatever they are planning, we must know. They use couriers to pass messages, and that is how we shall find their informer. Their spy.
Hero: How do I find the informant?
Adusa-daro: Adusa would sniff him out. But for you, something more subtle. Start at the west gate. Find the courier named Guitaut. Follow him. Watch him. He will try to pass a message. Watch and see who comes to find it.
Hero: I'll find out who the courier is in contact with.

Adusa-daro: Adusa was just thinking of you! Did the courier reveal anything important?
Hero: The courier tossed this coin into the fountain in the town square.
Adusa-daro: A coin? How clever! Who would suspect a simple coin thrown into a fountain for good luck? And see this. There's a message on the coin!
Hero: What does the message say?
Adusa-daro: No clue. It's in some sort of code. Adusa can't make heads or tails of it. Hee hee. This one made a joke, yes? Hmm. This date. Could it be the key to the code? Here. Take this copy of the message.
Hero: What do I do with this?
Adusa-daro: Adusa has her own inquiries to make. You must decipher this code. Seek out my friend, Sahil. He should be able to help. He's usually on the second floor of the Dead Wolf Inn. He loves to watch the fire burn in the hearth.

Sahi: Hey there, friend. You're blocking my view of the fire. And the heat, too. Mind shifting a bit?
Hero: I will in a moment. Adusa sent me. She needs this message deciphered. Goodbye.
Sahi: Oh really? She told you I could do that? She's right, of course. I'm really very smart. I just need the right incentive. Simply giving away my brilliance would make me feel foolish. And I don't like that feeling.
Hero: Here's your gold. Just figure out what it says. [347 gold ]
Hero: [Intimidate] But think how more foolish you'll feel with my blade between your ribs.
Sahi: No wonder Adusa sent you. You're just like her! Here, let me see that. It's a simple replacement code. The date is the key. Count back five letters to see the actual message. The spy's initials are "E.C." Probably that dust-sweep. Edouard Celd.
Hero: And where can I find this dust-sweep?
Sahi: How should I know? Somewhere near the south gate, maybe? Ask Vignac the Unkempt if you want more precise directions. That beggar knows more about what happens in that part of the city than the Shornhelm Guard!

Edouard Celd: Spare some gold for a worker down on his luck?
Hero: It appears that you're an informer for House Montclair.
Edouard Celd: What? An informer? Me? No, no. I'm a simple dust-sweep begging for spare gold, nothing more. On the other hand, if you have the gold, I'll be whatever you want me to be.
Hero: Why should I give you gold?
Edouard Celd: Do you think I'd rather beg than work? But work for a dust-sweep isn't as common as it used to be. And a man's got to do what he can. I have a family to feed, after all.
Hero: Here's some gold for your family. [69 gold]
Edouard Celd: Bless you and bless this glinting gift. Tonight I will turn this clanking metal into bread and turnips for my family's supper. A feat greater than the most talented alchemist can conjure, eh?

Vignac the Unkempt: Please, don't walk away. Don't ignore me. I really need your help. This blasted war has been devastating to us common folk. Can you spare a few pieces of gold for a poor beggar?
Hero: Do you know Edouard Celd?
Vignac the Unkempt: Ah, a trade! Of course! Give me some gold and I'll tell you what I know.
Hero: That's highway robbery! But very well. Here you go. Now, what do you know about Edouard Celd? [347 gold]
Hero: [Intimidate] Tell me what I want to know or you'll need more than a few gold pieces to pay for a proper healing.

Rosamund Celd: First, you enter uninvited, then you start rifling through my cabinets? What is this? Some kind of sick joke? Wait, I've never seen that book. What is it?
Hero: It's some kind of codebook. It looks like your husband's been spying for House Montclair.
Rosamund Celd: He what? No. My husband has some silly ideas, but he's not... he wouldn't.... What are you going to do?
Hero: I have to give this codebook to the authorities.
Rosamund Celd: He didn't do this out of malice. He just wanted to support us. He hates that I have to work so hard. He's a good man, but they'll kill him for this!
Hero: What would you suggest?
Rosamund Celd: Keep the codebook, just don't implicate my husband. You have what you need, right? Just keep Edouard out of it. You get what you need, and my husband remains a free man.
Hero: I'm sorry. Edouard's a traitor and he needs to pay for his crime.
Rosamund Celd: That idiot! What was he thinking? Oh Divines, have mercy on us.

Adusa-daro: Have you discovered the identity of the informer?
Hero: I found this codebook in Edouard Celd's house.
Adusa-daro: Edouard Celd? Really? It's always the ones you least suspect. We'll learn much from Edouard, though he may not be a willing teacher. Thank you for your help.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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